The One About the Super Bowl, The first of many?


I’ve been away for a while, again. My bad. 

If you don’t regularly follow me, then you don’t know that I am a Patriots fan. If you look at the date, you’ll know that its the Monday before the Super Bowl.

Yes, the hyping starts now. For the next six days you’ll hear a lot about the Patriots, Giants, the Boston, New York rivalry. If you turn on the TV you’ll see lots of David Tyree’s (in)famous catch. You’ll see a lot of Eli Manning crying (He didn’t actually cry, he just looks like he might be). 

This game, is no doubt the biggest Super Bowl rematch, ever. That might be a bit far fetched but, think about it. The game is really big, bigger than the NFL. Sorry, still a bit far fetched. This games is huge, and I know that at least the Patriots are trying to tone it down and make it like a normal game, but I know that it is about revenge. Both for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. They won’t let a repeat of 2007 happen. They know that their legacy and their egos are on the line. 

Let’s look at both scenarios.

First, the loss. 

If the Patriots lose the New England Patriots will forever be considered cheaters. They haters will accuse them of needing “Spygate” to win the Super Bowl. They will say Tom Brady is washed up. They will pour the hatred on Bill Belichick, for all the gambles he took with a young secondary. They will say Tom Brady is not they QB he once was, they will blame Gronkowski for being the main target. 

The media will say that Eli is the better Manning. If the Giants win, Eli will be better. If the Giants win, Peyton Manning, yes that Peyton Manning, will virtually disappear off the planet, being eclipsed once by Tom Brady in ’07(One-upping his 49 TD performance in ’06 by getting 50 TDs in ’07), again by Eli in ’12 and again by Andrew Luck in ’12. This scenario is catastrophic, ending the Patriots Dynasty and ending the era of the quarterback. If Eli Manning wins again, he’ll be better than Brady and Peyton. if he’s better than them, then Tony Romo can be considered a good quarterback. 

If the Giants win, the Boston media goes nuts and call for Belichick’s head. If the Giants win the fair-weather fans go back to not associating themselves with football at all. Technically, I am a fair-weather fan, I started following football when I was eight, but the Patriots have just always been good, so I have never not supported them… anyway, back to the Giants winning. If the Giants win, Tom Coughlin will most likely retire, he will have deserved it at this point. If the Giants win their defense will get 10 times better, having more swagger and toughness than they do already. If the Giants win, I’ll be mad. 


If the Patriots win the entire Nation will be annoyed again. 

If the Patriots win, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will cement their place as the best coach/QB tandem in the history of football. If the Patriots win, it will start another dynasty. They will have the invincibility feeling again, they will have experience on defense, offense, special teams, with a team that has 80% 2nd and 3rd year players. Their defense will be tough and their offense will roll and roll and roll until every record is broken. 

If the Patriots win, Brady and Belichick will be able to retire at ease, but they won’t stop at four, they’ll try for “not 5, not 6, not 7” Super Bowls. They will be able to go for another 3 in four years run, they have youth on offense with Gronk and Hernandez they can almost put any QB in and function for anther 8 years. If the Patriots win; in four years Brady and Belichick will retire together, and Mallet and McDaniels will take over, continuing one of the most hated franchises in sports’ reign.

If the Patriots win, (most) of New England will sleep soundly at night again. The number 85 won’t make them cringe at the memory of 07. The though of Eli will make them laugh at how cute he is, trying to be better than his older brother. If the Patriots win, I can rub it in.


Leave a comment on who you think will win.


The (First) One About Skyrim


I’ve been away for a while. I got lost in Skyrim. 

Oh… you’ve never heard of Skyrim? Or read this column?

Well you’re missing out on the first one… and I guess you could read the other things I’ve written. 

Skyrim is a role playing game on consoles and PCs. It takes place in the fantasy world of Tamriel in the northern region of Skyrim. You make your character anything you want, a human form of a cat or lizard, three types of elves, or a plethora of humans. You should really play it sometime. There’s no end to the game you play and play and the world revolves around you.

I have played it over and over. I have made many characters and all of them have not been good enough for me to stick with.

I just have ADD when it comes to that. 

My suggestion to you, is make a character and stick with it. Stick with him/her through thick and thin. It will build up and be one of the best characters you can create. 

I have made way to many characters, and after seeing a friend of mine’s character, I had to make another, I saw his level 33 or whatever, and got mad at my current character and just remade one. 

The thing about skyrim that absolutely amazes me is the detail in the landscape, it is breath-taking. and it is spacious.

I can’t wait for there to be another one, so you can experience all sorts of landscapes, mountains, forests, beaches. 

Skyrim is the best video game made as of now, I can’t wait to see what Bethseda will do next. 



The One That Talks About The Hobbit Movies


So you came back? And you are wondering, “all he does is write about the Patriots and their opponents or the Bruins. Come on get to something else.” 

Oh… You’re a first timer? 

Ah, gotcha! 

This one is about my favorite story turned into a movie, J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Hobbit. 

The Hobbit is a novel about a plain, hobbit (if you don’t understand a word I’ve said yet then you are probably a girl or someone who has not imagined (or seen Lord of the Rings)) who is minding his own business and living happily in his hobbit hole (If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d leave now). 

The hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, is one day approached by a man, a wizard, Gandalf The Grey. And Gandalf has an offer for him. He is to help 13 dwarves win back their treasure from a dragon. Bilbo reluctantly accepts. So I don’t spoil it; the rest of the story is about the adventure they go on to slay the dragon and take back the Lonely mountain. 


Now the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is the second best series of films (behind Star Wars), not to mention how well written the books are. But I’m just talking about the movies. 

The Lord of the Rings movies were made very well and deserved all the records they got. They were all made in New Zealand over a three year span.

Because of Lord of the Rings, I am trying to pursue film as a career. When I was younger I watched the behind the scenes and was fascinated by how it was made. Since then I knew my dream was to try to make movies. 

Back to the Hobbit.

I recently watched an online video blog on the behind the scenes of The Hobbit. And either, they are showing more than they did with LOTR, or The Hobbit is more well made, I think the Hobbit will be better. Maybe because I actually know that story, because I read the book, or Peter Jackson the director, is just too good at making these type of movies, but from what I saw behind the scenes, this movie looks phenomenal.

They once again have a somewhat no name cast and they have made the best they can of it. It looks unbelievably good. I can’t imagine how this movie could turn out to be a dud. Peter Jackson has perfected the making of fantasy and trilogy movies. 

I don’t think that these movies could be made by anyone other than Peter Jackson, they way he can direct the actors and actresses during the shoot and before the filming, is the best in the business. 

Thanks for reading, this might not have been the best written one yet… Sorry. 

Comment if you have anything to add about the Hobbit movies. 


The One About Going to the Super Bowl


Sorry I’ve been away, just the weekend, though. 

Oh… You didn’t read this before? So its really not worth me telling you that I was gone? 

Fair enough. 

However, I will tell you this. 

We are going to the Super Bowl!!!!

(More on the We/They and sports fans another time)

The New England Patriots are set to take on the New York (Football) Giants in two weeks time, for the second time in 5 years. 

How both teams got there is pure luck.

First, Tom Brady played like Joe “diddler” Flacco and Diddler played Tom Brady-ish. The Ravens defense lived up to standards.  And the Patriots defense… well they finally played. If it weren’t for Brady’s uncharacteristic play the Patriots would have breezed into the Super Bowl. But they didn’t. They got lucky, extremely lucky. Billy Cundiff missing a 32 yard field goal lucky. Super Bowl lucky.

Now I’m not saying I suck as much as Cundiff. But I can hit a 32 yard field goal.  So having a professional kicker miss a 32 yard field goal is pretty frickin lucky. I don’t care what stage its on, that is something you have to hit. You know, I actually heard that Cundiff got cut from the Ravens as the kick was being guided by Myra Kraft. 

The Patriots’ Super Bowl foe also got lucky. 

The 49ers’ returned fumble twice to single-handedly send the Giants to the Super Bowl. 

Not just one time, 2 times.

Fool me once shame on you fool me twice, rematch of the century. 

And here we are, Manning/Brady part ?? There are way too many parts in that storied rivalry. 

You know, I hate to admit it, but Eli Manning is pretty good. He was better at Tebow Time that Tim Tebow was. Eli had what, eight 4th quarter comebacks this year? Pretty damn good. 

Also funny how in the beginning of the year Eli said he was better than Tom Brady. I hope someone shows Tom Brady that quote and I hope he reads it and thinks about it before bed every night until the Super Bowl. It’ll be awkward for one of the quarterbacks when they wake up the morning after. The loser will be thinking “Yeah, he is better than me.” And the winner will say “Yeah, I’m Tom Brady.” 

No one has mentioned this before, but you can’t spell Elite without Eli. 

I’ll talk about the game later. That’s enough hype for Monday morning, two weeks away from Indianapolis. 

Comment on your thoughts about The Rematch. 



The One Where I Almost thought the Bruins were going to Lose


Wow, you found this again? Oh… no? Your first time?

Well this is my daily update page. (That’s what I’m calling this, it is not a blog, and I am not some hipster, Occupy Starbucks, thinks PBR is a good beer, considers blogging a job, wears glasses to look like a nerd, wears beanies inside, acts like normal things are dumb, blogger,  I’m an updater)

Did you watch the Boston Bruins play the New Jersey Devils? 

Well if you didn’t here’s the score, 4-1 Bruins. 

I watched as much as I could, and through most of the game the Bruins looked like they did back in 2006, slow, bored, and lazy. The Devils made a hell of a game out of it, they had tempo, and the energy to fly past the Bruins players, they had the game won, except for one minor detail. 

They were playing the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.

That didn’t fare well going into the game and until the closing period of it they looked like they were the better of the two teams on the ice. The Bruins roared back and beat the greatest goalie to play the game, Martin Broduer*. 

Until they scored their first goal, I seriously thought the Bruins were going to lose the game, they were out matched in almost every aspect of that game. Everywhere the Bruins passed it there was a Devil there to intercept it. 


The Bruins were right back in it, they tied the game and suddenly the Devils had a chill down their backs and got scared. So naturally they ran with it, they used the given up goal as momentum to try to give themselves the lead back.


The Bruins scored two goals in less than a minute, and they were in the drivers seat from then on in the game. The best team in the league proved to the world, don’t poke the bear. The clock was ticking down and the Devils pulled their future HOF goalie to try to get back in the–


Chris Kelly hit the empty net goal and shut the door on the game for the Devils. 


I can’t believe I doubted the Bruins in that game. Yes, they looked out manned during most of the game. Yes, they were down for almost 2 whole periods. Yes, they are the best in the NHL. Yes! They won the game! 

I haven’t seen anything wrong with the Bruins this year. Sure they haven’t been the same since the rematch against the Thelma and Louise led Vancouver Namby-Pambys… excuse me… I meant he Sedin Brother led Vancouver Canucks. 

But the slow restart isn’t their fault, last time they played that “team” they had a two month break filled with free booze and plenty of fame. So in their minds they might’ve relaxed a bit after that game. 

Unlike years past, where I, and other fans, have had a least favorite player. For me; Michael Ryder, Thomas Kaberle, Dennis Wideman, Blake Wheeler, Steve Montador… 

This year, no one. 

I think the only guy who is a little bit annoying to me is Joe Corvo, now I haven’t met the guy, I’m Sure he’s great, but he gets too much ice time. The Bruins have a budding star, with flashes of Bobby Orr in him, with Steve Kampfer. So for the Bruins to play Corvo as much as they do, that is the only criticism  is about all I can complain about. 

Except they need to sign Tuukka Rask to a long term deal. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this as much as watching the game. 


The One Where I Dis Joe Flacco’s Moustache

Hey again, 

I see you managed to StumbleUpon my blog.

No? Oh well thanks for reading this far, its my pleasure you are taking time out of your day to pause and read my “blog.”

I don’t really like the name “blog,” because I think it has a awkward stereotype attached to it. So I’m going to go ahead and call this my… online journ– no that’s worse– my diar– nope even worse– this will be called my column…? Sure, I’ll go with that. Comment if you think I should call it something different, even something random too. 

Today, as with most days of my winter break I watched a lot of SportsCenter. I must’ve seen it three times. Each time I watched I realized how bad Joe Flacco’s (The Baltimore Ravens QB) moustache is. Its a handlebar moustache that some people can pull off but not him. Now, he’s been under a lot of scrutiny from his own players and the media because of his play, not the ewok on his upper lip. Dude needs to lose that and then he won’t look like such a fool when a reporter asks him why he is afraid of the Texans’ defensive line. I’ll be glad to watch the Patriots play the Ravens on Sunday, I have a feeling it is going to be a classic battle that could go down in the history books. 

Alright, thanks for reading this. I thought I had more to say but I don’t want to be like a typical blogger. 


First Blog

Hey What’s up?

Reading this blog?

Well you must be…

I don’t know how you found it… I am a nobody from Nowhere, New Hampshire. So its really quite remarkable that you’d choose to read my blog. I’m flattered really.

I do apologize for spelling and/or grammatical errors in this or any of my future blogs. I like to write, however I do not like to learn about it.

Moving on… I will mostly be writing about sports, my opinions mainly, because statistics are boring and besides huge numbers, they suck.

Other times I could be writing about my movie making or movies I want to see (but probably won’t (poor college kid)) and why. More about my movie making, since I was 13 I’ve wanted to make it big in the movie industry… as you can tell by the numerous awards I haven’t won, that dream is going well.

Still about my movie making; I am in college and college is all about getting the best looking resume to land you a job, then the rest is up to you. But… you need to have a degree that can get you a job and quite frankly anything involved in the industry (as they call it) is a long shot, and I don’t know about you, but I would rather have a job than nothing to my name except a script I think will make it (join the other 100 million people who want that).

Back to my blog topics; I might occasionally write about the stupidity of today’s television, the commercials the shows, the “celebrities.” It’ll be on rare occasions though. I might talk about video games, Skyrim, Fifa, MW3, ect. Or about today’s so called “music” (Pumped Up Kicks, really? think about it… Really?!!?)

Now more about myself… I guess…. I like the new england based sports teams… the celtics however are pushing my fandom, when will Danny Ainge start to rebuild? Do it now (1-18-2012) while the Miami Heat are winning their not 5, not 6, not 7 championships.

Sorry… I went off like that… that is most likely going to happen in all of my blogs, my random thoughts adding to the pointless blog…

(cont. from 2 paragraphs ago) I like where all the teams are except the Celtics. I mean the Sox, they look good, on paper, as usual, but I think Cherrington should deal Beckett and Lackey, come on man, they are both getting to be washed up, and the meltdown last year just added to it. They need to keep Lester and Buchholz, that’s their future. They should definitely sign Elsbury long-term as well, the guy’s a superstar. Get Youk back for a few years and then fill in guys by bringing them up from the minors. The Red Sox should put their money in scouting and young guys, because with their pay roll they can sign the stars they develop easily.

Now the Bruins, hottest team for the last 2 months. Best team in the NHL, even on their worst nights they make a game of it. I wish they would drop their gloves more though. Tonight was tough though… Thomas looked like a 37 year old and the whole team looked like they needed a cup of coffee. Sure, they just played the night before, but really they should be winning more. Free Marchand! Yeah I’m complaining about 2 losses in 3 games, I’m a 21st century Boston sports fan, I’m entitled to complaining right?

On to the Patriots, who move on to the Ravens. This game scares me, and in the words of General Ackbar, “It’s a trap!” The Patriots are a hell of a football team, however, they lack a run game and their defensive backs are suspect. The opposition has to worry about their passing game, which is the hardest core to face in the NFL (Shut up Drew Brees). Back to the trap, before I compliment and try to help Coach Belichick; the Ravens top defense and explosive run game are going to be a lot for the Pats to handle on Sunday, Ray Rice himself can take down a team such as the Dolphins or Bills. But the game changer on Sunday will be Joe Flacco. Joe Flacco is a very under-rated QB, and is always compared to his “twin” Matt Ryan. If he has a good passing game against the Pats, I’m talking 330 yards, and at least 2 TDs then the Ravens will be in the Super Bowl. However, if he gets under 300 yards the Patriots will look phenomenal once again and glide into Super Bowl XLVI.

The Patriots will need to spread their passing out, and hand the ball off to any one of the 3 running backs they have. The Ravens are going to expect, Welker, Hernandez and Gronkowski, so Tom Brady should confuse them and either hand it to Woodhead or pass it to Branch, or Edelman or, Ochocinco, yes that Ochocinco. I’m also predicting that be the combined score.

If you happened to read all this you either:

You are:

– my girlfriend (who I will not blog about)

– a friend I asked to read this

– high

– own the website

– using StubleUpon

– supposed to be studying for midterms

– really bored

Either way, thanks for reading my nonsense. Hopefully the rest of my blogs won’t be this long.