First Blog

Hey What’s up?

Reading this blog?

Well you must be…

I don’t know how you found it… I am a nobody from Nowhere, New Hampshire. So its really quite remarkable that you’d choose to read my blog. I’m flattered really.

I do apologize for spelling and/or grammatical errors in this or any of my future blogs. I like to write, however I do not like to learn about it.

Moving on… I will mostly be writing about sports, my opinions mainly, because statistics are boring and besides huge numbers, they suck.

Other times I could be writing about my movie making or movies I want to see (but probably won’t (poor college kid)) and why. More about my movie making, since I was 13 I’ve wanted to make it big in the movie industry… as you can tell by the numerous awards I haven’t won, that dream is going well.

Still about my movie making; I am in college and college is all about getting the best looking resume to land you a job, then the rest is up to you. But… you need to have a degree that can get you a job and quite frankly anything involved in the industry (as they call it) is a long shot, and I don’t know about you, but I would rather have a job than nothing to my name except a script I think will make it (join the other 100 million people who want that).

Back to my blog topics; I might occasionally write about the stupidity of today’s television, the commercials the shows, the “celebrities.” It’ll be on rare occasions though. I might talk about video games, Skyrim, Fifa, MW3, ect. Or about today’s so called “music” (Pumped Up Kicks, really? think about it… Really?!!?)

Now more about myself… I guess…. I like the new england based sports teams… the celtics however are pushing my fandom, when will Danny Ainge start to rebuild? Do it now (1-18-2012) while the Miami Heat are winning their not 5, not 6, not 7 championships.

Sorry… I went off like that… that is most likely going to happen in all of my blogs, my random thoughts adding to the pointless blog…

(cont. from 2 paragraphs ago) I like where all the teams are except the Celtics. I mean the Sox, they look good, on paper, as usual, but I think Cherrington should deal Beckett and Lackey, come on man, they are both getting to be washed up, and the meltdown last year just added to it. They need to keep Lester and Buchholz, that’s their future. They should definitely sign Elsbury long-term as well, the guy’s a superstar. Get Youk back for a few years and then fill in guys by bringing them up from the minors. The Red Sox should put their money in scouting and young guys, because with their pay roll they can sign the stars they develop easily.

Now the Bruins, hottest team for the last 2 months. Best team in the NHL, even on their worst nights they make a game of it. I wish they would drop their gloves more though. Tonight was tough though… Thomas looked like a 37 year old and the whole team looked like they needed a cup of coffee. Sure, they just played the night before, but really they should be winning more. Free Marchand! Yeah I’m complaining about 2 losses in 3 games, I’m a 21st century Boston sports fan, I’m entitled to complaining right?

On to the Patriots, who move on to the Ravens. This game scares me, and in the words of General Ackbar, “It’s a trap!” The Patriots are a hell of a football team, however, they lack a run game and their defensive backs are suspect. The opposition has to worry about their passing game, which is the hardest core to face in the NFL (Shut up Drew Brees). Back to the trap, before I compliment and try to help Coach Belichick; the Ravens top defense and explosive run game are going to be a lot for the Pats to handle on Sunday, Ray Rice himself can take down a team such as the Dolphins or Bills. But the game changer on Sunday will be Joe Flacco. Joe Flacco is a very under-rated QB, and is always compared to his “twin” Matt Ryan. If he has a good passing game against the Pats, I’m talking 330 yards, and at least 2 TDs then the Ravens will be in the Super Bowl. However, if he gets under 300 yards the Patriots will look phenomenal once again and glide into Super Bowl XLVI.

The Patriots will need to spread their passing out, and hand the ball off to any one of the 3 running backs they have. The Ravens are going to expect, Welker, Hernandez and Gronkowski, so Tom Brady should confuse them and either hand it to Woodhead or pass it to Branch, or Edelman or, Ochocinco, yes that Ochocinco. I’m also predicting that be the combined score.

If you happened to read all this you either:

You are:

– my girlfriend (who I will not blog about)

– a friend I asked to read this

– high

– own the website

– using StubleUpon

– supposed to be studying for midterms

– really bored

Either way, thanks for reading my nonsense. Hopefully the rest of my blogs won’t be this long.




2 thoughts on “First Blog

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