The One Where I Dis Joe Flacco’s Moustache

Hey again, 

I see you managed to StumbleUpon my blog.

No? Oh well thanks for reading this far, its my pleasure you are taking time out of your day to pause and read my “blog.”

I don’t really like the name “blog,” because I think it has a awkward stereotype attached to it. So I’m going to go ahead and call this my… online journ– no that’s worse– my diar– nope even worse– this will be called my column…? Sure, I’ll go with that. Comment if you think I should call it something different, even something random too. 

Today, as with most days of my winter break I watched a lot of SportsCenter. I must’ve seen it three times. Each time I watched I realized how bad Joe Flacco’s (The Baltimore Ravens QB) moustache is. Its a handlebar moustache that some people can pull off but not him. Now, he’s been under a lot of scrutiny from his own players and the media because of his play, not the ewok on his upper lip. Dude needs to lose that and then he won’t look like such a fool when a reporter asks him why he is afraid of the Texans’ defensive line. I’ll be glad to watch the Patriots play the Ravens on Sunday, I have a feeling it is going to be a classic battle that could go down in the history books. 

Alright, thanks for reading this. I thought I had more to say but I don’t want to be like a typical blogger. 



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