The One Where I Almost thought the Bruins were going to Lose


Wow, you found this again? Oh… no? Your first time?

Well this is my daily update page. (That’s what I’m calling this, it is not a blog, and I am not some hipster, Occupy Starbucks, thinks PBR is a good beer, considers blogging a job, wears glasses to look like a nerd, wears beanies inside, acts like normal things are dumb, blogger,  I’m an updater)

Did you watch the Boston Bruins play the New Jersey Devils? 

Well if you didn’t here’s the score, 4-1 Bruins. 

I watched as much as I could, and through most of the game the Bruins looked like they did back in 2006, slow, bored, and lazy. The Devils made a hell of a game out of it, they had tempo, and the energy to fly past the Bruins players, they had the game won, except for one minor detail. 

They were playing the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.

That didn’t fare well going into the game and until the closing period of it they looked like they were the better of the two teams on the ice. The Bruins roared back and beat the greatest goalie to play the game, Martin Broduer*. 

Until they scored their first goal, I seriously thought the Bruins were going to lose the game, they were out matched in almost every aspect of that game. Everywhere the Bruins passed it there was a Devil there to intercept it. 


The Bruins were right back in it, they tied the game and suddenly the Devils had a chill down their backs and got scared. So naturally they ran with it, they used the given up goal as momentum to try to give themselves the lead back.


The Bruins scored two goals in less than a minute, and they were in the drivers seat from then on in the game. The best team in the league proved to the world, don’t poke the bear. The clock was ticking down and the Devils pulled their future HOF goalie to try to get back in the–


Chris Kelly hit the empty net goal and shut the door on the game for the Devils. 


I can’t believe I doubted the Bruins in that game. Yes, they looked out manned during most of the game. Yes, they were down for almost 2 whole periods. Yes, they are the best in the NHL. Yes! They won the game! 

I haven’t seen anything wrong with the Bruins this year. Sure they haven’t been the same since the rematch against the Thelma and Louise led Vancouver Namby-Pambys… excuse me… I meant he Sedin Brother led Vancouver Canucks. 

But the slow restart isn’t their fault, last time they played that “team” they had a two month break filled with free booze and plenty of fame. So in their minds they might’ve relaxed a bit after that game. 

Unlike years past, where I, and other fans, have had a least favorite player. For me; Michael Ryder, Thomas Kaberle, Dennis Wideman, Blake Wheeler, Steve Montador… 

This year, no one. 

I think the only guy who is a little bit annoying to me is Joe Corvo, now I haven’t met the guy, I’m Sure he’s great, but he gets too much ice time. The Bruins have a budding star, with flashes of Bobby Orr in him, with Steve Kampfer. So for the Bruins to play Corvo as much as they do, that is the only criticism  is about all I can complain about. 

Except they need to sign Tuukka Rask to a long term deal. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this as much as watching the game. 



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