The One About Going to the Super Bowl


Sorry I’ve been away, just the weekend, though. 

Oh… You didn’t read this before? So its really not worth me telling you that I was gone? 

Fair enough. 

However, I will tell you this. 

We are going to the Super Bowl!!!!

(More on the We/They and sports fans another time)

The New England Patriots are set to take on the New York (Football) Giants in two weeks time, for the second time in 5 years. 

How both teams got there is pure luck.

First, Tom Brady played like Joe “diddler” Flacco and Diddler played Tom Brady-ish. The Ravens defense lived up to standards.  And the Patriots defense… well they finally played. If it weren’t for Brady’s uncharacteristic play the Patriots would have breezed into the Super Bowl. But they didn’t. They got lucky, extremely lucky. Billy Cundiff missing a 32 yard field goal lucky. Super Bowl lucky.

Now I’m not saying I suck as much as Cundiff. But I can hit a 32 yard field goal.  So having a professional kicker miss a 32 yard field goal is pretty frickin lucky. I don’t care what stage its on, that is something you have to hit. You know, I actually heard that Cundiff got cut from the Ravens as the kick was being guided by Myra Kraft. 

The Patriots’ Super Bowl foe also got lucky. 

The 49ers’ returned fumble twice to single-handedly send the Giants to the Super Bowl. 

Not just one time, 2 times.

Fool me once shame on you fool me twice, rematch of the century. 

And here we are, Manning/Brady part ?? There are way too many parts in that storied rivalry. 

You know, I hate to admit it, but Eli Manning is pretty good. He was better at Tebow Time that Tim Tebow was. Eli had what, eight 4th quarter comebacks this year? Pretty damn good. 

Also funny how in the beginning of the year Eli said he was better than Tom Brady. I hope someone shows Tom Brady that quote and I hope he reads it and thinks about it before bed every night until the Super Bowl. It’ll be awkward for one of the quarterbacks when they wake up the morning after. The loser will be thinking “Yeah, he is better than me.” And the winner will say “Yeah, I’m Tom Brady.” 

No one has mentioned this before, but you can’t spell Elite without Eli. 

I’ll talk about the game later. That’s enough hype for Monday morning, two weeks away from Indianapolis. 

Comment on your thoughts about The Rematch. 




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