The One That Talks About The Hobbit Movies


So you came back? And you are wondering, “all he does is write about the Patriots and their opponents or the Bruins. Come on get to something else.” 

Oh… You’re a first timer? 

Ah, gotcha! 

This one is about my favorite story turned into a movie, J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Hobbit. 

The Hobbit is a novel about a plain, hobbit (if you don’t understand a word I’ve said yet then you are probably a girl or someone who has not imagined (or seen Lord of the Rings)) who is minding his own business and living happily in his hobbit hole (If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d leave now). 

The hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, is one day approached by a man, a wizard, Gandalf The Grey. And Gandalf has an offer for him. He is to help 13 dwarves win back their treasure from a dragon. Bilbo reluctantly accepts. So I don’t spoil it; the rest of the story is about the adventure they go on to slay the dragon and take back the Lonely mountain. 


Now the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is the second best series of films (behind Star Wars), not to mention how well written the books are. But I’m just talking about the movies. 

The Lord of the Rings movies were made very well and deserved all the records they got. They were all made in New Zealand over a three year span.

Because of Lord of the Rings, I am trying to pursue film as a career. When I was younger I watched the behind the scenes and was fascinated by how it was made. Since then I knew my dream was to try to make movies. 

Back to the Hobbit.

I recently watched an online video blog on the behind the scenes of The Hobbit. And either, they are showing more than they did with LOTR, or The Hobbit is more well made, I think the Hobbit will be better. Maybe because I actually know that story, because I read the book, or Peter Jackson the director, is just too good at making these type of movies, but from what I saw behind the scenes, this movie looks phenomenal.

They once again have a somewhat no name cast and they have made the best they can of it. It looks unbelievably good. I can’t imagine how this movie could turn out to be a dud. Peter Jackson has perfected the making of fantasy and trilogy movies. 

I don’t think that these movies could be made by anyone other than Peter Jackson, they way he can direct the actors and actresses during the shoot and before the filming, is the best in the business. 

Thanks for reading, this might not have been the best written one yet… Sorry. 

Comment if you have anything to add about the Hobbit movies. 



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