The One About the Super Bowl, The first of many?


I’ve been away for a while, again. My bad. 

If you don’t regularly follow me, then you don’t know that I am a Patriots fan. If you look at the date, you’ll know that its the Monday before the Super Bowl.

Yes, the hyping starts now. For the next six days you’ll hear a lot about the Patriots, Giants, the Boston, New York rivalry. If you turn on the TV you’ll see lots of David Tyree’s (in)famous catch. You’ll see a lot of Eli Manning crying (He didn’t actually cry, he just looks like he might be). 

This game, is no doubt the biggest Super Bowl rematch, ever. That might be a bit far fetched but, think about it. The game is really big, bigger than the NFL. Sorry, still a bit far fetched. This games is huge, and I know that at least the Patriots are trying to tone it down and make it like a normal game, but I know that it is about revenge. Both for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. They won’t let a repeat of 2007 happen. They know that their legacy and their egos are on the line. 

Let’s look at both scenarios.

First, the loss. 

If the Patriots lose the New England Patriots will forever be considered cheaters. They haters will accuse them of needing “Spygate” to win the Super Bowl. They will say Tom Brady is washed up. They will pour the hatred on Bill Belichick, for all the gambles he took with a young secondary. They will say Tom Brady is not they QB he once was, they will blame Gronkowski for being the main target. 

The media will say that Eli is the better Manning. If the Giants win, Eli will be better. If the Giants win, Peyton Manning, yes that Peyton Manning, will virtually disappear off the planet, being eclipsed once by Tom Brady in ’07(One-upping his 49 TD performance in ’06 by getting 50 TDs in ’07), again by Eli in ’12 and again by Andrew Luck in ’12. This scenario is catastrophic, ending the Patriots Dynasty and ending the era of the quarterback. If Eli Manning wins again, he’ll be better than Brady and Peyton. if he’s better than them, then Tony Romo can be considered a good quarterback. 

If the Giants win, the Boston media goes nuts and call for Belichick’s head. If the Giants win the fair-weather fans go back to not associating themselves with football at all. Technically, I am a fair-weather fan, I started following football when I was eight, but the Patriots have just always been good, so I have never not supported them… anyway, back to the Giants winning. If the Giants win, Tom Coughlin will most likely retire, he will have deserved it at this point. If the Giants win their defense will get 10 times better, having more swagger and toughness than they do already. If the Giants win, I’ll be mad. 


If the Patriots win the entire Nation will be annoyed again. 

If the Patriots win, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will cement their place as the best coach/QB tandem in the history of football. If the Patriots win, it will start another dynasty. They will have the invincibility feeling again, they will have experience on defense, offense, special teams, with a team that has 80% 2nd and 3rd year players. Their defense will be tough and their offense will roll and roll and roll until every record is broken. 

If the Patriots win, Brady and Belichick will be able to retire at ease, but they won’t stop at four, they’ll try for “not 5, not 6, not 7” Super Bowls. They will be able to go for another 3 in four years run, they have youth on offense with Gronk and Hernandez they can almost put any QB in and function for anther 8 years. If the Patriots win; in four years Brady and Belichick will retire together, and Mallet and McDaniels will take over, continuing one of the most hated franchises in sports’ reign.

If the Patriots win, (most) of New England will sleep soundly at night again. The number 85 won’t make them cringe at the memory of 07. The though of Eli will make them laugh at how cute he is, trying to be better than his older brother. If the Patriots win, I can rub it in.


Leave a comment on who you think will win.



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