The One About the Bruins… of course


I’m gonna write about the Bruins again.

As if you read the other ones I wrote, right?

Yeah that’s what I thought you haven’t read them, unless you’re one of the few people I know are reading this. (Hey!)

I might not be the first one to notice, but I think the Bruins are turning the corner around their slide that they had. 

They still could use some scoring from their forwards, and now their defense is thinning up, with Johnny Boychuk leaving tonight’s game and some sloppy play toward the end of the game, they could bring a person or two in from outside the organization. 

However, the Bruins seemed to have turned the corner, they got back into their game the past few games now, and have gotten over the six game road trip they had to go on. They can slowly start to roll now, with Tuukka Rask and Tim Thomas finding their true forms the past games, if the Bruins can sort out their forwards then the next stop is the Stanley Cup Playoffs… and then? 

For now they need to bring in some kind of sniper from the trade market, or from the AHL, if they have been hiding him in Pawtucket. They need a scorer and bad, they need someone who is young and can right their dismal power play, because boy, they need some serious help there. If they can trade for the guy who can fix that without trading Tuukka Rask or Dougie Hamilton, then the Bruins will be in a better position than they were earlier this year. 

But they still have to finish turning the corner before they can make another Cup run this spring. 



The One About Twitter and Facebook


I’m on twitter now, not the blog’s twitter, but mine.

As if you cared right?

Anyway, twitter is really hot right now. You can quickly update the world about yourself, or tell a funny joke, or (….like I did most of last week) be depressed.

I have one, and although I fought it for the longest time, I kinda like it. I use it as a way to make fun of my friends and keep up on some current events. I can “follow” celebrities or comedians I like and its fun. Except when you have to scroll through pages and pages of the same person tweeting about their comedy act or their work out or their break up.

The upside of it, is you can keep up with people easily, I mean… creepy as it is I think its also a good tool to use for whatever you need. However, you can get lost in it. Its good to use, if you aren’t over using it.

Facebook is getting out of control and trying to get rid of twitter. Timeline? Come on… stupidly creepy. Facebook was creepy enough but now with timeline you can basically track someone down. So-and-so was at a place on 12:01 pm of the 12th of december in 2011…

Mark Zuckerburg, chill out.

Otherwise facebook was doing great. They had everything under control, except the privacy of users. Because of google+ and twitter, they felt threatened and wanted to make changes as they always seem to do. No one likes it at first but eventually they all are forced to switch. Timeline is going to be the worst switch yet. Basically everything is changing, I haven’t used it but it isn’t like the normal facebook. Its just too different.

Anyway… I’ll probably have to change in the next week or so when I’m the only one without it.



The One About the Mayweather/Paquiao Fight


I don’t know if you’ve read this before, but I usually write about sports and movies, this one will be about sports.

So you’ve made it this far in the blog and you’re still reading? 


Anyway, I saw that the Manny Paquiao vs Floyd Mayweather fight might not happen… again. This is probably the fifth time that one of the sides has called it off. This time was about Paquiao wanting more money than was offered. 

…. Come on man!

Just fight him! If you win you’ll get more money than you need, if you lose than you’re like the President of Thailand. (He’s in the government in the Philippines) Not to mention that if the fight doesn’t happen this year it will probably never happen. Mayweather is set to go to jail shortly after the fight anyway because of domestic violence. 

They need to hike up their skirts and prepare for the fight. Seriously guys, get to it before you aren’t good fighters anymore. This fight is scheduled to break so many records for boxing. The two biggest fighters (not size wise) are finally supposed to fight. Mayweather is undefeated, and Paquiao may be the only man to beat him.

Time will tell. Only if they actually agree to terms and get the fight under way.

As you could probably tell I don’t know much about this but thanks for reading.


The One About Asking For Help


I haven’t been writing in this for awhile because I have had a bit of writer’s block.

If you’ve never read this, I don’t blame you, this isn’t a ‘hot blog’. 

So I’ve been asking around for topics to write about. I’ve been looking everywhere to find something. 

And I’ve found nothing…

When I look around, on the web, in movies, in the sports world, I haven’t been able to find anything that has really inspired me. 

I mean I can talk for days about the Bruins’ current problems and how they need to get a shooter. Or how they need to get tougher, yes I said it, the Big Bad Bruins need to get tougher. Right now the Bruins are getting pushed around by teams like the Winnipeg Jets, I’ll say it again, the Winnipeg Jets. Yeah, there are slumps, and every team has them, but this team is too good to have ones like this, they need a great player, badly. 

I can also talk about the Celtics and their problems. Short, old, slow, low-scoring, need I go on? Plus there’s talk of locker room problems and a big ego in Rajon Rondo, and how they need to make a trade (Pau Gasol anyone?). Yeah, they could use him. It might make them better, not right now but if that gets done they can try to sign Dwight Howard after this season, or Deron Williams. And then, it can only go up from there. Anyway, I don’t see banner 18 going up in the next few years. 

Or I can talk about how the movie Warrior was a great movie. It was about two brothers from a torn family who went against tall odds to make it to an MMA fighting final. One brother was a war hero, and the other, a family man trying to keep his house and job. It was such a heart warming film and couldn’t have a more American background of the characters. It was a great film.

But instead, I’ll talk about how when you ask people to help you with your writers’ block you never get an answer you want. You ask them to help you with anything and they give an idea, sometimes its a good one which in different circumstances you could work with. Other times they’ll give you a half-ass answer that you could never write about. 

Sometimes you’ll ask someone to help you come up with an idea for something to write and they take over the entire thing, telling you to write about what they want. You are helpless against their ruthless attempts to write your essay or story or play or blog. I’m usually like, “Okay, I liked this idea that you said 45 minutes ago, but the rest of the stuff about the football coach being a walrus and the principal being a smoked ham, doesn’t make any sense in the plot.” 

Other times they don’t help you at all and they tell you a story of how they wished they had time to write something or how their baseball practice is holding them back from joining in something. And then later, they try to take credit for something they had no part in making. It’s funny how when you ask people for help, sometimes they try to take credit for it in total. 

Oh, but the worst is when someone tries to help and they half-ass their helping by giving you an answer like, oh, you could write about phones that don’t work. 

…. Uh…

Yeah I’ll get on that, I’ll break my phone so it doesn’t work and then write in my blog(column) how I am so angry my phone, that I broke, doesn’t work. Or even better, I’ll go out, buy a phone that has a history of not working, and use it, and then write about it. Yeah, great idea… not! 

I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just making fun of the idea my best friend gave me. Thanks for reading. 


The One Where I Write a Short Story

I walked right up to the post office and opened the doors. When I stepped in, I felt a sudden churn in my stomach, telling me what I was about to do was wrong. I walked through the uncertainty and went to her P.O. Box. I took out the key chain I stole from her purse and took a look at it. A bright pink tassel with green stripes on it. I closed my hand around it and looked around. 

A woman at the counter looked at me strangely, but I ignored it. I needed whatever was in the P.O. Box. I picked out the right key and placed it in the lock slowly, I felt the clicks of the key’s teeth vibrate against my fingers. I turned it slowly as well, once I opened it I looked back at the woman. She wasn’t there. 

I saw the package I needed, and I took it out, shaking it gently to make sure it was in there. It was. I looked back where the woman was and she was joined by a man. They were both still at the desk helping people about their lives, but I knew they were eyeing me.  

There was a sudden frenzy of activity at the main desk, there was some shouting in the back and then a woman ran out of an office, partially clothed, followed by a man wearing even less. He was shouting at her, “No, not like that! I didn’t mean to! Anna, I’m sorry!” 

She screamed, “Fuck you, pervert!” and ran out of the post office. 

Then he pulled his pants back up and started throwing any and everything he could get his hands on, The man who was at the front desk restrained him, while the woman must’ve called the cops because before I could lock the P.O. Box again, there were about three police men in the front.

I quickly tucked the package under my arm, and took the keys out of the lock, but dropped them. They attracted the attention of the nearest policeman who eyed my quickly, as I picked them up. I hastily got out of there. 

The fresh air was nice on my sweaty face, but that didn’t last because before I could exhale, the cop from the post office was trying to call me back. I did the first thing I could think of, ran. I ran and ran; I knew he was on my tail but I had to get this package to him or I’d be dead, in prison or out. 

I took the first turn I saw, and kept on hauling it. I took a quick look back and saw there were more men chasing after me. I had to get out of there, whatever the cost. People around me were turning to blurs and I kept trying to lose my pursuers by taking turns as quickly as possible. Cars stopped and screeched as I cut across roads. Taxis nearly hit me, but I kept going. 

My breath was getting louder with each echoing step, I knew I was close to my destination because the city was getting greener and greener. I glanced back and saw the cop who was after me, pull out his gun. Adrenaline coursed through my veins as I got to the park where I was to drop off the package. I ran faster and past the playground, and the tennis courts and the swimming pool, filled with people all enjoying the nice summer day. I got to the baseball fields and ran around the backstop. There he was, the man who hired me. 

He asked why I was running, but was so out of breath I couldn’t answer him, then the next thing I knew, the cop and his followers appeared around the corner, the cop with his gun drawn.

“You brought the cops!?” screamed my employer, drawing his gun. 

“Its all a mista–“


The end.


The One About White Dancing


You’ve all heard or even seen the stereotype that white people can’t dance, correct?

Well, I’m gonna break it down for you. No… I’m not going to dance for you, I’ll explain why white people can’t dance.

First off, we don’t have soul power, you need soul power to dance, you need soul power to fuel your moves. 

If you compare, Chris Brown dancing, to someone like… David Guetta, then you have two great points to start with. 

Chris Brown can dance like he’s from another planet, he’s so smooth with his moves he makes everyone look like a fool. He’s so good at dancing, I wonder if Michael Jackson donated sperm…. Just saying. 

Then look at David Guetta. Just stands there bobbing his torso and head back and forth to some other beat than the music has. He looks awkward doing it too, sure he’s a DJ but he can’t dance to his own music. 

Now if we look at the average white guy dancing, it looks real bad, even if we aren’t drunk, we are dancing like we might be, arms or feet at awkward angles and our heads bobbing around trying to look good… it ends up being really bad. 

I haven’t seen many black guys dance, mainly because I live in New Hampshire, but I’m positive they’re better than white guys. 

Then there’s black girls, they can bring it. They got spunk and everything that dancers need, its great watching them dance because they always make it look good.

Now, white girls on the other hand… not so much. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to dance the way they do, they can just show some skin, or shove their butt in some guys crotch. No homo, but I could do that. 

When you watch white people dance to music, they are always dancing to a beat or two behind the one that’s playing. It’s hilarious to watch us dance because we can’t do it well.  



The One About being a Bus Boy


I need to write about something, anything, but I can’t think of what to write about. 

Oh, but you’ve never read this? 

Doesn’t surprise me. 

But anyway, about not knowing what to write… 

Well… I just got back from work, I’m a bus boy. And today was slow but it seemed fast at times, like the waiters and waitresses would be running around, almost legitimately throwing things at me to clean them up. I can usually tell when they need help, and tonight wasn’t any different but for some reason it seemed like they were just shoving stuff in my arms regardless of whether I securely had it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I found it kinda funny. 

The thing about being a bus boy is that you basically just have to look busy and then move fast, so they all suspect you’re doing stuff and then give you a bit more money. Again, don’t get me wrong, I actually do work hard, at times it seems like I’m the only one working hard in the place. 

Wow… I’m becoming a real blogger. Complaining about stupid stuff… So on that note I’m gonna stop writing.