The One About Not Writing About My Girlfriend


If you read the first post of all of my “columns” then you might have read about how I’m not going to write about my girlfriend. 

She’s beautiful, funny, smart, and a thousand other great things.


I’m not going to write about her.

I am going to write about my YouTube channel. Well, my friends’ and mine. (Hopefully you’ll visit it and get us more views (

Also, like I said in my first “column” I have always wanted to make movies and all I have to my name, are those videos. 

Wow.. that sounded depressing. My bad. 

You should really check them out. I am the director editor and idea maker for the movies. The dialogue  is mostly improved and minorly rehearsed if we come up with an idea. 

The cast of all of these consist of me (rarely) Joe Micali, my neighbor and best friend, his brother, Will Micali, and my two brothers Jason and Derek. Joe’s friend Evan makes a few appearances. 

Back when I was in eighth grade, I had an idea for a movie, which then exploded in my mind and made me want to make it into a Hollywood feature film, I still have to write it though. Back to 8th grade, I had that idea and wanted to make it that year (it didn’t happen) but instead I got a used mini VHS camera for my birthday. I was disappointed, but hey, I got to make movies. 

So, Joe and I wanted to make a funny movie to post to YouTube, and we came up with the idea of “Joe’s Razor Skills” because it was cheap and didn’t involve more than 4 people or a lot of props. We had the idea that Joe’s Razor Skills would be about the shannanigans he and his crew would get into while trying to teach people how to scooter.

The First and Second videos never made it online… mainly because the technology we had was outdated and cheap. It made it on to a computer but never made it past Windows Movie Maker. That computer is no longer in use.

What you should know about Joe’s Razor Skills 1&2 is that the first sucked and featured us rolling down a hill with the camera with them… The second is where it all got started, Jason, my brother became a zombie, and caused havoc on the “set”.

Now in all of our movies, Jason becomes a zombie, in one way or another. 

We have branched that idea out and and have made three other videos in the Joe’s Skills series as well as a spin off on how to get girls. We have other videos that aren’t related to the Joe’s Skills idea, and are currently in production of the “How they got there” video of Joe’s Razor Skills. 

I hope you watch the videos, they are decent and might get a laugh.



Love You AET!


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