The One Where I Talk About the State of Boston Sports… Because I Can’t Talk About Anything Else


I’ve been away for awhile, but you probably didn’t notice because you never have read this. Don’t feel guilty or anything!

But I hit the nail on the head, huh?

I have a lot of things on my mind, all of which I could write about, but I can easily write about Boston sports. Mainly about the 2 seasonal teams at the moment. 

I watched the Celtics play and beat the Bulls today, they looked great… well they looked okay because they were playing a Derrick Rose-less Bulls team. Even thought they won, they still look like they were being beat up on the inside game. In the near future, or in the next draft they need to get bigger. If they trade to get bigger, they could try for Mark Gasol, even though I do not like those brothers, they can play. If they want to match up against the Los Angeles Giants, I mean Lakers, they really need to get bigger.

In the draft, they should try to get a high pick or somehow get a big great player like Jarred Sullinger, of THE Ohio State University. Sully is a great player, he just needs to be consistent and if he was on the Celitcs he’d play great with Rajon Rondo. If they can get bigger without breaking up the big three and Rondo, they will be a contender for the time being. 

They probably won’t get passed the second round of playoffs if they do make it. 

On to the Bruins. 

The ship has righted itself, for a game at least. I didn’t see that game but I read that the Bruins played a full 60 minute effort. I think the Bruins are still the best team in the league regardless of what shinnanegans their goalies are doing. 

The team is a great hockey team and the bonds that have can’t be broken up, but with the two goalies being two of the best in the game, they should try to keep them together as long as possible, but with Rask being a free agent soon and Thomas stirring up the media, maybe they should trade one of them. The Bruins are also don’t have a great sniper, and with a few of their forwards being banged up, maybe a trade is something they should think about. 

They could easily get a great player for one of the goalies or a decent forward for example, Rick Nash, a great big forward who can pick a corner from the red line, for any of their defensemen. If they could pull off a trade without disrupting the chemistry, then they could bring the Cup back to back! 

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll read this again soon… if I write in it more consistently. 


Pitchers and Catchers report soon. 

– Lomonte


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