The One About The Red Sox


I guess I managed to not drunk blog yesterday…

Lucky me huh?

Well anyway, I think I’m going to talk about the Red Sox and their minimal chance to win the World Series this year. 

When you think about the Red Sox your probably think in one of these ways:

-Sox goin’ all the fackin’ way! (Primarily a Bostonian response)

-They’re overrated, kapeesh! (New York response)

-Every year they’re good… (Everywhere else)

But I think this year they are overrated. Now let’s just look at them as of right now, before spring training. 

Their pitching, they only really have 4 starters, two of which have never pitched a full season, in Clay Buchholz and Daniel Bard. Then the two main starters, Josh Beckett and Jon Lester, who are coming off their partying in the clubhouse issue; have a lot to prove to themselves and to Red Sox Nation. I don’t think that they can have good seasons after what had happened. 

Then there’s the bullpen, and that has a lot of risky players and a not a lot of proven talent, and with Jonathan Papelbon gone and Bard as a starter, they don’t have much to hope for in terms of a closer. 

The Red Sox catching crew is going to be just as shaky as the pitching. Jason Varitek seems to be ending his career, even though he was invited to spring training. Then they have either Saltalamachhia, Lavarnway and Shoppach as their catcher… wait who as their catcher? I think their in trouble there. 

First base, Adrian Gonzalez, okay, they’re all set. 

Second base, Dustin Pedroia, all set. 

Shortstop, Noma… nevermind… They have Mike Aviles, Nick Punto, and maybe Jose Iglesias, depending on what Bobby Valentine does with him. They all are great fielders, but none seem to be able to hit the way we want them too. 

Third base, Youkilis, if he can stay healthy, is a pretty good spot to be in, but if he’s not, then we will see the Punto/Aviles mix there. 

Left field, Blank Check… just throw away 127 million to an injured player…. so they don’t really have a Left fielder right now, unless Manny comes back. 

Center field, Jacoby Elsbury! So if he can repeat his season from last year, then they’ll be fine.

Right field, a rotation of minor league players and Cody Ross, so again not looking too good.

And then Papi as DH as per usual. 

This is what I think the lineup will look like:

1-  Jacoby Elsbury

2- Dustin Pedroia

3- Kevin Youkilis

4- Adrian Gonzalez

5- David Ortiz

6- Saltalamcchhia 

7- Cody Ross

8- Carl Crawford (?) 

9- Mike Aviles

Starting Pitcher:

Josh Beckett


I want the Red Sox to win it all, but they clearly don’t look like they’ll even make the playoffs, especially with the Yankees looking good even with an aging team. Or the Rays with a younger and better team each year. Then the Tigers look good with the addition of Prince Fielder. The Angels look great with CJ Wilson and Albert Pujols added to their team. The Rangers are probably looking to get back to the World Series again. 

So unfortunately it is looking like the Red Sox will come last in the race between those teams. Unless Bobby Valentine and Ben Cherrington are geniuses I don’t even think they can make the playoffs. But if they do, anything can happen. 




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