The One About White Dancing


You’ve all heard or even seen the stereotype that white people can’t dance, correct?

Well, I’m gonna break it down for you. No… I’m not going to dance for you, I’ll explain why white people can’t dance.

First off, we don’t have soul power, you need soul power to dance, you need soul power to fuel your moves. 

If you compare, Chris Brown dancing, to someone like… David Guetta, then you have two great points to start with. 

Chris Brown can dance like he’s from another planet, he’s so smooth with his moves he makes everyone look like a fool. He’s so good at dancing, I wonder if Michael Jackson donated sperm…. Just saying. 

Then look at David Guetta. Just stands there bobbing his torso and head back and forth to some other beat than the music has. He looks awkward doing it too, sure he’s a DJ but he can’t dance to his own music. 

Now if we look at the average white guy dancing, it looks real bad, even if we aren’t drunk, we are dancing like we might be, arms or feet at awkward angles and our heads bobbing around trying to look good… it ends up being really bad. 

I haven’t seen many black guys dance, mainly because I live in New Hampshire, but I’m positive they’re better than white guys. 

Then there’s black girls, they can bring it. They got spunk and everything that dancers need, its great watching them dance because they always make it look good.

Now, white girls on the other hand… not so much. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to dance the way they do, they can just show some skin, or shove their butt in some guys crotch. No homo, but I could do that. 

When you watch white people dance to music, they are always dancing to a beat or two behind the one that’s playing. It’s hilarious to watch us dance because we can’t do it well.  




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