The One About Asking For Help


I haven’t been writing in this for awhile because I have had a bit of writer’s block.

If you’ve never read this, I don’t blame you, this isn’t a ‘hot blog’. 

So I’ve been asking around for topics to write about. I’ve been looking everywhere to find something. 

And I’ve found nothing…

When I look around, on the web, in movies, in the sports world, I haven’t been able to find anything that has really inspired me. 

I mean I can talk for days about the Bruins’ current problems and how they need to get a shooter. Or how they need to get tougher, yes I said it, the Big Bad Bruins need to get tougher. Right now the Bruins are getting pushed around by teams like the Winnipeg Jets, I’ll say it again, the Winnipeg Jets. Yeah, there are slumps, and every team has them, but this team is too good to have ones like this, they need a great player, badly. 

I can also talk about the Celtics and their problems. Short, old, slow, low-scoring, need I go on? Plus there’s talk of locker room problems and a big ego in Rajon Rondo, and how they need to make a trade (Pau Gasol anyone?). Yeah, they could use him. It might make them better, not right now but if that gets done they can try to sign Dwight Howard after this season, or Deron Williams. And then, it can only go up from there. Anyway, I don’t see banner 18 going up in the next few years. 

Or I can talk about how the movie Warrior was a great movie. It was about two brothers from a torn family who went against tall odds to make it to an MMA fighting final. One brother was a war hero, and the other, a family man trying to keep his house and job. It was such a heart warming film and couldn’t have a more American background of the characters. It was a great film.

But instead, I’ll talk about how when you ask people to help you with your writers’ block you never get an answer you want. You ask them to help you with anything and they give an idea, sometimes its a good one which in different circumstances you could work with. Other times they’ll give you a half-ass answer that you could never write about. 

Sometimes you’ll ask someone to help you come up with an idea for something to write and they take over the entire thing, telling you to write about what they want. You are helpless against their ruthless attempts to write your essay or story or play or blog. I’m usually like, “Okay, I liked this idea that you said 45 minutes ago, but the rest of the stuff about the football coach being a walrus and the principal being a smoked ham, doesn’t make any sense in the plot.” 

Other times they don’t help you at all and they tell you a story of how they wished they had time to write something or how their baseball practice is holding them back from joining in something. And then later, they try to take credit for something they had no part in making. It’s funny how when you ask people for help, sometimes they try to take credit for it in total. 

Oh, but the worst is when someone tries to help and they half-ass their helping by giving you an answer like, oh, you could write about phones that don’t work. 

…. Uh…

Yeah I’ll get on that, I’ll break my phone so it doesn’t work and then write in my blog(column) how I am so angry my phone, that I broke, doesn’t work. Or even better, I’ll go out, buy a phone that has a history of not working, and use it, and then write about it. Yeah, great idea… not! 

I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just making fun of the idea my best friend gave me. Thanks for reading. 



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