The One About Twitter and Facebook


I’m on twitter now, not the blog’s twitter, but mine.

As if you cared right?

Anyway, twitter is really hot right now. You can quickly update the world about yourself, or tell a funny joke, or (….like I did most of last week) be depressed.

I have one, and although I fought it for the longest time, I kinda like it. I use it as a way to make fun of my friends and keep up on some current events. I can “follow” celebrities or comedians I like and its fun. Except when you have to scroll through pages and pages of the same person tweeting about their comedy act or their work out or their break up.

The upside of it, is you can keep up with people easily, I mean… creepy as it is I think its also a good tool to use for whatever you need. However, you can get lost in it. Its good to use, if you aren’t over using it.

Facebook is getting out of control and trying to get rid of twitter. Timeline? Come on… stupidly creepy. Facebook was creepy enough but now with timeline you can basically track someone down. So-and-so was at a place on 12:01 pm of the 12th of december in 2011…

Mark Zuckerburg, chill out.

Otherwise facebook was doing great. They had everything under control, except the privacy of users. Because of google+ and twitter, they felt threatened and wanted to make changes as they always seem to do. No one likes it at first but eventually they all are forced to switch. Timeline is going to be the worst switch yet. Basically everything is changing, I haven’t used it but it isn’t like the normal facebook. Its just too different.

Anyway… I’ll probably have to change in the next week or so when I’m the only one without it.




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