The One About the Bruins… of course


I’m gonna write about the Bruins again.

As if you read the other ones I wrote, right?

Yeah that’s what I thought you haven’t read them, unless you’re one of the few people I know are reading this. (Hey!)

I might not be the first one to notice, but I think the Bruins are turning the corner around their slide that they had. 

They still could use some scoring from their forwards, and now their defense is thinning up, with Johnny Boychuk leaving tonight’s game and some sloppy play toward the end of the game, they could bring a person or two in from outside the organization. 

However, the Bruins seemed to have turned the corner, they got back into their game the past few games now, and have gotten over the six game road trip they had to go on. They can slowly start to roll now, with Tuukka Rask and Tim Thomas finding their true forms the past games, if the Bruins can sort out their forwards then the next stop is the Stanley Cup Playoffs… and then? 

For now they need to bring in some kind of sniper from the trade market, or from the AHL, if they have been hiding him in Pawtucket. They need a scorer and bad, they need someone who is young and can right their dismal power play, because boy, they need some serious help there. If they can trade for the guy who can fix that without trading Tuukka Rask or Dougie Hamilton, then the Bruins will be in a better position than they were earlier this year. 

But they still have to finish turning the corner before they can make another Cup run this spring. 




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