The One Where the Bruins Can Smell the Cup


So the Bruins started off slow today, and rightfully so because they were playing the Islanders. They eventually looked fresh and ready for the playoffs, even without Tim Thomas in goal, Tuukka backing up, Nathan Horton injured, Seidenberg out with an injury, Adam Mcquaid nursing an eye injury, and Chara not playing the bulk of minutes he usually does. 

Aside from those [key] players being out of the lineup or off the ice, they looked ready for the next cup run. I have been a little weary of the Bergeron-Seguin-Marchand line because at times the two wingers look lazy… They proved me wrong and I hope they continue this for the next 2 months. 

David Krejci and Milan Lucic looked great today, they are still missing a permanent right winger though, and I noticed Claude Julien tried to move some things around in the third period to fill that gap. I think it will go to Rolston or Caron. Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly together are a great pairing and you shouldn’t break that up. 

I liked the way the whole team played today, even Marty Turco looked good. 

But now comes the toughest week of the season. Rangers, Penguins, Senators, and Ryan Miller… I mean the Sabres. 

Tomorrow is the Rangers and I know I have said this a lot but the Bruins need to drop the gloves from the get-go teach the Rangers a lesson, and then we can say see you in the conference Finals. 

Then the Penguins. I’d say show them who has the better centers in the league. Win puck battles and show the Kid, the Russian and a Staal brother who is boss. 

After that is the Senators. Just beat them and say see you next week. 

Then the obnoxious Sabres, I’d say the Bruins should try to put up 6 on Ryan Miller. 

We want the Cup!


The One Where– Buy my shirts. BUY IT!


I hope because of that title you aren’t taken aback. That’s an inside joke I have with friends of mine. 

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The One About Rivalries


The other day I watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary about Reggie Miller vs Spike Lee. 

Now that whole thing wasn’t too long ago but the NBA has really changed since then. There’s no “real” “rivalry” in today’s NBA. 

There’s no more Bird/Magic or Russell/Abdul-Jabbar there’s none of that. Kobe versus the world is pretty much the closest thing to a rivalry. 

I want it back to blood was the only thing to stop the fights I want to see someone call another player out and question how good they are. I want the NBA to get nasty again.

It won’t for a long time now, and you can thank the commissioner David Stern for that. 

If it weren’t for him we’d have a great rivalry ready to start. 

Now as you may have read from my previous posts, I am a huge Boston Sports fan. 

But I wanted Chris Paul to go to the Lakers, and now that its late in the season, Stern’s mistake in cancelling the trade is more apparent. 

The Lakers are in trouble, Pau and Kobe are getting old and Bynum isn’t mature enough to make them his team. 

The Celtics at least have Rondo to fall on. He may not be that mature either, but he is good enough to make the team his own. 

If the Lakers had acquired CP3 then you’d be watching the next chapter of Celtics/Lakers history. The two best point guards on the 2 biggest teams going head to head most likely in the finals. 

The NBA needs a rivalry because frankly the NBA is boring right now. Once they get a good one going, then the NBA will be where it was, back in the good days.


The One Where I’m Selling T-Shirts Soon


So even though I’m sure no one will buy them, I am making Lomonte’s Lager T-shirts.

Of course once I figure out how I will let you know here.

I am trying to use and I am having trouble uploading my designs. I hope that business will be bigger than this blog, but we’ll see where it goes.

Please buy them once I get it figured out. Thanks!


The One Where I Have Not Written In Awhile


So If you read this on the regular then you noticed I haven’t written here in a long time. If this is your first time reading this well… then… Ignore that statement.

So the Bruins are back on track to the Cup. The Patriots are making great moves to get a Super Bowl next year. The Red Sox have some management issues (minor ones, at that.) And the Celtics are yet another day older.

Well, I’ll try to get back writing more, and I guess that’s it for now.


The One Where I have a lot to talk about


Been away for awhile.

Oh, what’s that? You’ve never read this before?


Well I haven’t been writing in this for a while and since then, the Bruins have killed the Maple Leafs and (hopefully) gotten back on track to the Stanley Cup. We’ll see. 

Also the Patriots have been making big moves, they signed a lot of new guys and look to be making a run at it for the next couple of years. 

And there was something else… What was it? What was it?

Oh, yeah! Peyton Manning went to the freaking Broncos. 

Its not like anyone could miss that, I mean SportsCenter followed him in a helicopter as he was visiting the Titans. That was just a little creepy guys. 

And as far as Tebow is concerned, I don’t know what they should do with him. They are going to trade him, the Broncos said that. Where during Manning’s free agency every NFL team “needed a QB” now that Tebow might be moving on from Denver, every team is saying “We’re all set” 

That’s got to be a punch to the stomach for nice old Tim. I’m not saying the Patriots should get him (as QB) we have three decent quarterbacks.

First there’s Tom Brady, I mean he’ll do. Then there’s Brian Hoyer, who could be a starter everywhere else. And also Ryan Mallett, who was originally supposed to be drafted in the first round and dropped into the Patriots lap in the third. 

So, we don’t need help there. But I think he could be a good weapon, anywhere else on the field. And as long as the Broncos aren’t asking a lot I think that the Patiots could go for him and make good use out of him. 

Belichick do your thing.


The One Where The Bruins Finally Get a Win


So unless you were enjoying today’s festivities, unlike myself, you might’ve seen the Bruins game. 

They played the Flyers and got a shootout win. They looked good, except for when they gave up goals,of course. 

Now, a lot of Bruins fans might be thinking this is the turning of the corner, or they might be drinking like they’re supposed to be doing on St. Patrick’s day, but I don’t think that the bruins have gotten out of this slump yet. 

I mean, I want them to win every game the rest of the year… But that’s not going to happen. And I like that they won today. But I don’t think they are out of deep water just yet. 

Look at the other games they’ve won during their losing stretch; they looked like the Bruins they always have been, and then what? They lose the next game 6 to whatever, and that’s almost what I’m expecting on Monday. Toronto comes into town and hasn’t beaten us all year, and they might want to kill our dreams of repeating, and their best hope is to beat us at home. 

I honestly think if the Bruins didn’t lose Nathan Horton AND Rich Peverley (and somewhat Benoit Pouliot) then they would be ready to win back to back cups. But that’s not the case, they are missing them…

and Tuukka Rask. (that’s another issue) 

However, as we’ve all seen since they’ve lost Horton their scoring has dipped down extremely. I think that the Bruins could make the best of what they have and maybe try a forward mix up that might look like this:

“Top line” Lucic-Krejci-Pouliot


“The Future” Marchand-Seguin-Caron

“The Energy Line” Paille-Cambell-Thornton

I think that that might be able to get a lot of production from what you have. The Seguin line is full of your youngest guys who can possibly take over the club when the time comes, and I think if they can begin to gel than the Bruins might have a third “top line” as Julien puts it. The Bruins are still in a tough spot and I hope they can repeat. 

I’m ready for playoff hockey.