The One About MLB Preview


Baseball season is right around the corner, and as far as I can tell there isn’t one favored team to win it all. I mean you have the Rangers who have been to the World Series two years in a row, and I’m sure they are going to be in good shape to get there again. The Angels, who after an off year have picked up two of the biggest free agents this year in CJ Wilson and Albert Pujols.

The Phillies are always in it, however they are getting older and added Jonathan Papelbon. There’s the Braves, who want to make up for last year and who haven’t really added or lost anyone in the process, which may be a good thing for them. There’s also the Miami Marlins, who added a few key people, and might be a surprise team. 

Then in the AL Central there’s the heavily favored Detroit Tigers who, with good pitching and some great bats in their lineup could lead them past their postseason opponent. And there’s Kansas City, which I believe is going to come out of nowhere and make a run for a Wild Card spot. 

In the NL Central I think it’s Cincinnati’s year, they’ve been flirting with success for a few years now, and since Albert Pujols is gone they can possibly overtake the Cardinals. The Cardinals have a slim shot, because honestly they didn’t make up for the loss of Pujols. Sure they are World Series Champions, but they lost a major player and didn’t make up for it. Unless Ryan Braun has a better season this year than last, the Brewers are also toast. Cincy, its your turn.

The NL West is Most likely going to go to the Giants because they now have Buster Posey back and he was being compared to Joe Mauer. The Diamondbacks are also threatening to make it in the playoffs again, so most likely, it’ll be a show down for their spots.

Then, finally, the AL East.

The Yankees will win the division, as always, never doubt that. They will win it. Then the Sox and Rays will fight it out for the wildcard spot again. However, look out for the surprise Orioles, Buck Showalter chose to manage there for a reason. I think they might not be “Fenway South” anymore. 

I have a lot more to say about the Red Sox/Rays/Yankees battle, but you’ll have to come back at a later date to read about that. 





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