The One Where I didn’t watch the Bruins


Did you watch the Bruins get destroyed by the Crosby-less Penguins?

Neither did I. 

It’s probably a good thing too because I would’ve been mad. But I did watch the Celtics lose a nail-biter to the Lakers, and yes, I think that would be a great Finals match. 

It’s unlikely that the Celtics will get there, but they certainly looked like a playoff team, like the Celtics before this season. They will certainly make a good run at whoever they play this coming spring.

Once again, the Celtics need to get taller, even in the last 2 minutes of the game, that became apparent, the Celtics are just too small. They lose way too many rebounds and can’t box anybody out. It’s simple, with their talent, all they need is a big guy. 

Make a move Danny Ainge?

Also in sporting news, UNH lost to BU in double overtime to get kicked out of the Hockey East Tournament. Now that’s not exactly the upsetting part, the upsetting part is that it wasn’t even shown on TV. A game 3 in a 3 game series, should be televised. And then even that it wasn’t scheduled, once someone got word that it was going into OT they should’ve aired it somewhere. And then it went to double overtime! 

… Still not televised. 

What can you do?



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