The One Where Championship Days are Coming to an End, Soon.


I talk a lot about my favorite sports teams, and honestly as far back as I can remember they have always been somewhat good.

I mean first there was the Red Sox, when baseball was my life and Nomar was God. The Sox were good enough to always have a buzz around them. Then as I grew older and football came into my sports “vocabulary,” the Patriots got good, and I calculated the days until I could one day catch a Tom Brady touchdown, and all the while they were gobbling up Super Bowls. Then came the Celtics and the “Big 3” which created a new team to root for, and in turn a new team for me to criticize. Then the Bruins came into light, where hitting and fight was the norm and the excitement rose past all else. 

And I realize now that it is going to suck, a lot, when they are all average teams. I have pity for all the Browns fans, and the Hornets fans, and the Royals fans, and the Blue Jackets fans, who have never felt the way that I get to feel once every three years or so. 

Sure, those days may be far off, but I have a feeling that once they come, they are going to hit hard. Once they come that means no more 9th inning Papi homers or Tom-Terrific 4th Quarter drives; no more Truth in the 4th quarter at the Garden or save after save, then a response goal on the ice. 

Once my teams are bad, it’s going to take a lot to come back from it. The Patriots will be looking a the Dolphins with jealous eyes soon enough. The Orioles– nevermind, Fenway is a fortress. The Raptors will come into the Garden and teach us who’s boss. One day the Garden will be silent when the Bruins can’t be Big and Bad.

When that day comes, if it ever does come, the Chicago Cubs will have won three straight. Proud to be a Boston sports fan. 



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