The One Where the Bruins REALLY need to step it up


So the Bruins got beat down again tonight, this time by the Florida Panthers, it was 6-2. 

I know they have problems getting the first goal and momentum behind them, and that is only the start of their problems, and usually their games. 

They really need to get back to the style of play that won them the Stanley Cup, hard hitting, blue-collar, not afraid hockey. They need to have teams fear the bear and intimidate whatever team they face. 

Sure their goal tending hasn’t been what everyone has come to expect, and their defense is being pressured and timid at times. What the Bruins need is a good boxing match of a game, and luckily they have one of their biggest rivals in the Flyers coming to Boston on Saturday, on St. Patrick’s day. So, if the players were smart they would make it a punch-fest on a roudy Saturday afternoon, where in one of the most Irish cities in America, the fans will be going out of their minds. 

Gloves off boys.



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