The One Where The Bruins Finally Get a Win


So unless you were enjoying today’s festivities, unlike myself, you might’ve seen the Bruins game. 

They played the Flyers and got a shootout win. They looked good, except for when they gave up goals,of course. 

Now, a lot of Bruins fans might be thinking this is the turning of the corner, or they might be drinking like they’re supposed to be doing on St. Patrick’s day, but I don’t think that the bruins have gotten out of this slump yet. 

I mean, I want them to win every game the rest of the year… But that’s not going to happen. And I like that they won today. But I don’t think they are out of deep water just yet. 

Look at the other games they’ve won during their losing stretch; they looked like the Bruins they always have been, and then what? They lose the next game 6 to whatever, and that’s almost what I’m expecting on Monday. Toronto comes into town and hasn’t beaten us all year, and they might want to kill our dreams of repeating, and their best hope is to beat us at home. 

I honestly think if the Bruins didn’t lose Nathan Horton AND Rich Peverley (and somewhat Benoit Pouliot) then they would be ready to win back to back cups. But that’s not the case, they are missing them…

and Tuukka Rask. (that’s another issue) 

However, as we’ve all seen since they’ve lost Horton their scoring has dipped down extremely. I think that the Bruins could make the best of what they have and maybe try a forward mix up that might look like this:

“Top line” Lucic-Krejci-Pouliot


“The Future” Marchand-Seguin-Caron

“The Energy Line” Paille-Cambell-Thornton

I think that that might be able to get a lot of production from what you have. The Seguin line is full of your youngest guys who can possibly take over the club when the time comes, and I think if they can begin to gel than the Bruins might have a third “top line” as Julien puts it. The Bruins are still in a tough spot and I hope they can repeat. 

I’m ready for playoff hockey. 



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