The One Where I have a lot to talk about


Been away for awhile.

Oh, what’s that? You’ve never read this before?


Well I haven’t been writing in this for a while and since then, the Bruins have killed the Maple Leafs and (hopefully) gotten back on track to the Stanley Cup. We’ll see. 

Also the Patriots have been making big moves, they signed a lot of new guys and look to be making a run at it for the next couple of years. 

And there was something else… What was it? What was it?

Oh, yeah! Peyton Manning went to the freaking Broncos. 

Its not like anyone could miss that, I mean SportsCenter followed him in a helicopter as he was visiting the Titans. That was just a little creepy guys. 

And as far as Tebow is concerned, I don’t know what they should do with him. They are going to trade him, the Broncos said that. Where during Manning’s free agency every NFL team “needed a QB” now that Tebow might be moving on from Denver, every team is saying “We’re all set” 

That’s got to be a punch to the stomach for nice old Tim. I’m not saying the Patriots should get him (as QB) we have three decent quarterbacks.

First there’s Tom Brady, I mean he’ll do. Then there’s Brian Hoyer, who could be a starter everywhere else. And also Ryan Mallett, who was originally supposed to be drafted in the first round and dropped into the Patriots lap in the third. 

So, we don’t need help there. But I think he could be a good weapon, anywhere else on the field. And as long as the Broncos aren’t asking a lot I think that the Patiots could go for him and make good use out of him. 

Belichick do your thing.



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