The One About Rivalries


The other day I watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary about Reggie Miller vs Spike Lee. 

Now that whole thing wasn’t too long ago but the NBA has really changed since then. There’s no “real” “rivalry” in today’s NBA. 

There’s no more Bird/Magic or Russell/Abdul-Jabbar there’s none of that. Kobe versus the world is pretty much the closest thing to a rivalry. 

I want it back to blood was the only thing to stop the fights I want to see someone call another player out and question how good they are. I want the NBA to get nasty again.

It won’t for a long time now, and you can thank the commissioner David Stern for that. 

If it weren’t for him we’d have a great rivalry ready to start. 

Now as you may have read from my previous posts, I am a huge Boston Sports fan. 

But I wanted Chris Paul to go to the Lakers, and now that its late in the season, Stern’s mistake in cancelling the trade is more apparent. 

The Lakers are in trouble, Pau and Kobe are getting old and Bynum isn’t mature enough to make them his team. 

The Celtics at least have Rondo to fall on. He may not be that mature either, but he is good enough to make the team his own. 

If the Lakers had acquired CP3 then you’d be watching the next chapter of Celtics/Lakers history. The two best point guards on the 2 biggest teams going head to head most likely in the finals. 

The NBA needs a rivalry because frankly the NBA is boring right now. Once they get a good one going, then the NBA will be where it was, back in the good days.



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