The One Where the Bruins Can Smell the Cup


So the Bruins started off slow today, and rightfully so because they were playing the Islanders. They eventually looked fresh and ready for the playoffs, even without Tim Thomas in goal, Tuukka backing up, Nathan Horton injured, Seidenberg out with an injury, Adam Mcquaid nursing an eye injury, and Chara not playing the bulk of minutes he usually does. 

Aside from those [key] players being out of the lineup or off the ice, they looked ready for the next cup run. I have been a little weary of the Bergeron-Seguin-Marchand line because at times the two wingers look lazy… They proved me wrong and I hope they continue this for the next 2 months. 

David Krejci and Milan Lucic looked great today, they are still missing a permanent right winger though, and I noticed Claude Julien tried to move some things around in the third period to fill that gap. I think it will go to Rolston or Caron. Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly together are a great pairing and you shouldn’t break that up. 

I liked the way the whole team played today, even Marty Turco looked good. 

But now comes the toughest week of the season. Rangers, Penguins, Senators, and Ryan Miller… I mean the Sabres. 

Tomorrow is the Rangers and I know I have said this a lot but the Bruins need to drop the gloves from the get-go teach the Rangers a lesson, and then we can say see you in the conference Finals. 

Then the Penguins. I’d say show them who has the better centers in the league. Win puck battles and show the Kid, the Russian and a Staal brother who is boss. 

After that is the Senators. Just beat them and say see you next week. 

Then the obnoxious Sabres, I’d say the Bruins should try to put up 6 on Ryan Miller. 

We want the Cup!


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