The One Where There’s Going to be A break….


Sorry about this but I have to take a little break from writing for a little. Well Posting the book fo a little, because I need to study for finals and all that, but I will hopefully get one more chapter up before school is out. Once school is out, then I’ll be able to post a lot. 


Anyway, game 7 tomorrow night! For those of you that don’t know, I’m a wicked big Bruins fan. They need to win tomorrow, simple as that. If they can win they might have an easy shot to the finals. That is, if the Senators beat the Rangers. If they can do that, the Bruins will play them and, then its Senators, Conference Finals, Stanley Cup. 

But they need to win tomorrow. 

The Red Sox, Finally won yesterday! But they traded away their best pitching prospect…. for Marlon Byrd? Dumb move in my opinion. 

They’ll probably come in 4th this year, in the AL East. I just don’t like this team, they don’t have what it takes. And this is coming from a fan that believed in ’04 believed in ’07 believed last year. They just don’t spark the imagination. 

Whatever, Go Sox, right?


The One About Part 2 of Chapter 5

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Without further ado here’s part 2

By Alex Lomonte

The First Mourning
-Part 2
Germany, 1214

He tried to help out wherever he could, but he was too preoccupied with the thought of losing Gisele or his family. He had many questions go right through him, he could not focus, he had no sleep, he was exhausted and he was sure that he lost someone in his family. He walked along the familiar streets he would walk throughout his life. They were all shadows of what they used to be; windows in every shop and home were shattered, chimneys smoked with no one tending the fires that burned in them, walls and doors ruined torn down by desperate zombies trying to eat the inhabitants of the home. He had so much pain inside formed by the distant memories that were in ruins because of the evil that ran through the city last night.

Dmitri turned the corner to his street. There were bodies everywhere, there were zombie corpses lining one side and guards’ and townspeople’s lining the other. It was a terrible sight, and the smell was worse. He had a pain stab him through the heart, he knew nearly all the people on the street. He ran down to the end, where his house was. There were a few guards who opened the doors for him, “They’re in your father’s study,” one called after him.

Dmitri sprinted up the stairs; he could not imagine the thought of losing someone he loved. He went past the boarded up rooms that he normally ignored so he thought nothing of them. He got to the fifth floor and entered the double doors that swung into his father’s study. Before he could register what was going on he got tackled by Gisele, she was crying and the hug she gave him squeezed the emotions out of him. They cried tears of joy because they were together again, both didn’t know what they would do if they lost the other. When they finally let go of one another they gave each other a kiss then Dmitri turned to his parents.

“What happened?” Dmitri asked everybody. “I’m surprised, how did you all get out?” He looked at the three of them, “I was expecting the worst… I was so afraid.”

“We know sweetie,” said his mother Janice. “We had all the guards we ever hired protect us, and your father still has tricks up his sleeve.”

“Your grandfather taught me a thing or two about how to fight.”

“Dad, he’s leading this.”

“Who is? Your grandfather? Impossible.”

“No, it’s him; he is one of the zombies. He was standing not five feet away from me this morning.”

It went quiet for a long time, Gisele and Dmitri III were inseparable, while he and his father shot nervous glances at the door for any news from outside. His mother stared out of the window leading to the balcony. “Ooh here comes Viktor,” she said. “He’s carrying something… no, that’s a little girl.”

They all looked out the window and saw the big man carrying the little girl. It was quite the sight, the two were complete opposites. They came in the study and Viktor handed the sleeping girl to Mrs. Helsgound.

“I found her,” he explained. “She didn’t have any parents…” He trailed off and looked over at Dmitri. “We need a plan.”

“When Vlad gets here we will come up with one. What’s her name?”

“She doesn’t have one, at least not one she can tell me. She can’t talk.”

“What do you want to do with her? You can’t take her with us.”

“I do want to raise her, as my own child. You know, once we finish off this threat. So, if it’s not too much to ask, Mrs. Helsgound, can you watch her while we are out?”

“Of course my dear, I nearly raised you,” she joked.

“Thank you.”

“What news do you have?” the mayor asked. “Is the city as bad as on the street?”

“Unfortunately, it is. I’m sorry sir, we could’ve done more.” He glanced at Dmitri, realizing he accidently blamed him.

“Yes, I understand that. Now we just need to plan on how to move on from this tragedy, and how to avoid it. What do you gentlemen suggest?”

“I want to cause the fuckers as much pain as possible for what they did to this city and that little girl. I am furious….” He trailed off because he was losing his temper.

“I think we should move the fight away from the city,” Dmitri looked at Gisele, “to avoid as much civilian harm as possible. It seems like they were attracted to the fight, and where blood was spilled was where it got worse.”

“Hmm… interesting. We’ll see what Vladimir has to say when he arrives. In the meantime I have a surprise for you two.” He looked at Viktor and Dmitri. “Follow me.”

They followed him to a staircase and both examined the bookcase for a book that might help them. Then the bookcase started moving. It revealed a staircase that was pitch black. Dmitri Helsgound II went down.

“Come on boys!”

The two friends looked at each other and followed the mayor down the passageway. They sidled their way down to the bottom, it remained dark for a moment until, “Walla!” the mayor said with echoes as the room lit up. The room was round with all sorts of parchment and scrolls on the sides. There were paintings of the battle that was fought to gain the city freedom. In the middle of the room was a table that had a map of the city, the buildings were raised up, the hills were there and it seemed like a crystal ball.

“I should have shown you this earlier,” the mayor said regretfully. “I did not know how fierce the threat was. Here we have a map of what we own. Here is the map of our territory. We need to use this as a weapon, a tool for our advantage. Dmitri, what do you think?”

“It’s wonderful. We need this. We need to bring the fight to the outer edges of town, and to the woods,” he motioned to the piers, farm area and woods. “I would like to avoid the fields though. After what we saw last night, I don’t know if we can outrun them.”

“I agree,” Viktor added, “sir, they are deceptively fast and strong. I struggled with a few of them.”

“Alright. I have something else for you, once Vladimir gets here. Let’s go back upstairs.”

They trotted off up and went through the bookcase again, this time leaving it open. The girls were still there, with the child. The child was awake and Gisele was helping her eat. She looked at Dmitri, and they made eye contact, they wanted to talk to each other. They knew that they didn’t have much time left together. Dmitri’s mom noticed the feeling and relieved Gisele from feeding the girl. Dmitri and Gisele went on to the balcony and closed the doors.

“I don’t want to lose you, ever,” Gisele said, looking into Dmitri’s big blue eyes.

“Being away from you is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, you’re the only person I want to be with.” Dmitri brushed aside her bright blonde hair. Tears welled up in Gisele’s blue-green eyes. They held each other and tried to enjoy the time they had together. “If I don’t come back, move on. If I don’t come back, never forget me. I want to always be in your heart. I love you.”

“I won’t forget you, you’re my first and only love, there’s no one who could change that, there’s nothing that would. Dmitri, I love you.”

They looked out on the midday horizon. Dmitri glanced down and saw Vladimir coming down the road. Gisele looked at Dmitri and followed his gaze. “Dmitri, I need to tell you something.”

“What is it babe?”

“I-We’re having a baby. I’m pregnant.”

Dmitri was shocked. He had tears come to his eyes. He had no idea what to feel. They just hugged and held onto each other. Viktor opened the door and said, “sorry to break this up, but Vlad’s here.”

The couple released each other and Dmitri headed inside, Gisele stayed out looking at the city. Viktor and Dmitri went inside and saw that Vladimir was sitting next to the mayor, Dmitri Helsgound II was in tears. Dmitri hurried to his father’s side.

“Vladimir’s father is gone.” He choked out. Vladimir looked away before he cried too. “My father killed him. It’s not right. We need to end this!” He got up and wiped his tears off and stormed off downstairs. The three followed.

“Right, now Vladimir, this is the map of the city. Tell us what you found.”

“First off, as I went away from the city it was less destroyed. So I think that we need to get the fight away from the city.”

“Good, you and Dmitri are on the same page. Where did you say you should go?”

“I thought that we need to break up the fight, bring them to the pier first, and then possibly move it completely away from the city, either to the farms or the woods. We have to move the fight further and further away. We know that they went were there was a fight and blood was shed. So tonight we should set up the battle at the graveyard. Vlad, Viktor, are we all on the same ground?”

They nodded in agreement and turned toward the mayor.

“Okay, I’ll send word for any guards to report there before dusk. But now what about the townspeople? We need to keep them safe.”

“I suggest they all take refuge at another city.” Viktor piped up.

“NO! If they leave now they’ll likely be gone forever. We need a space where the masses can rest.” The mayor exclaimed.

“What about this very castle, sir?” Vladimir asked. “It has a grand hall and plenty of room. But it’s your castle.”

“That doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea, I’ll make the preparations and send out a town crier.” The mayor wrote his requests on a paper and rang a bell near the edge of the map table. A servant came in through the side door, took the paper, nodded at the mayor and retreated from where he came.

“Follow me,” the mayor said. “I have something for all of you.”

The group entered a door at the back left side of the room. Inside was a brilliant armory. The finest weapons and armor were stored in the cases and lined the walls. It was a magnificent sight. The mayor went to a case covered in a silk cape and pulled it off, opened it and called Viktor over. He pulled out a humongous two-handed axe with a spiral design up the hilt. The edge of the blade was black while the middle was gleaming silver. The pick at the end was sharp as a razor on the corners. It should have been too heavy for the mayor to pick up yet it was made by the greatest blacksmith and was lighter than most swords.

Next he called Vladimir over and handed him three things; a bow and quiver that was supposedly blessed by the touch of an angel. In addition he gave him two large daggers which could be considered a sword to a child. Each had a different carving into the handle. In one there was a very jagged design with sharp turns in the lines. The other had a swirling pattern that looked very smooth and calm compared to the other.

Dmitri Helsgound II gave his son his own sword. He took it off his belt and simply handed it to Dmitri Helsgound III. The mayor looked at him with loving eyes and then nodded toward the sword. Dmitri took the sword out of its sheath. The handle seemed to fit his hand perfectly molding into his hand as if it belonged there. The blade was a great one; it was very large and curved into a precise point. The sword was beautiful and was no doubt once his grandfather’s. The mayor eventually said, “You have to end this beast before it ends us. Good luck.” He headed back upstairs and took one look back at them.

Dmitri looked around at his lifelong friends and he knew they would be together until the end. They made a few more adjustments, taking more equipment and planning out their defense of the pier. They all agreed tonight was the last night in the city. They didn’t know how they were going to lure the zombies to them once they finished in the city, but they needed to get the threat away from the innocent people. They headed up the stairs, Dmitri looked toward the balcony and Gisele was still out there.

“I’ll meet you right outside.” Dmitri told Vladimir and Viktor. They understood and let him be. Dmitri went outside and hugged Gisele. They looked into each other’s eyes.

“This won’t be the last time I see you, I promise,” Dmitri told her. “I will do whatever it takes to see you again. I want to be there for you and the child. Gisele, I love you.” Dmitri kissed her goodbye and she started crying. He couldn’t look back or he would cry as well.

He met Viktor and Vladimir outside like they planned. They headed down the street. They went against the grain as the citizens were coming into the castle. They were getting prepared to fight to the death.


The One Where I break up Chapter 5

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I am so sorry for not getting this out faster. As you can tell I have gotten to the point where I have to write the next part. So here is the first part of chapter 5. I am writing the other part right now. I’ll have it out sooner than before. Sorry for spelling errors or grammar mistakes.

By Alex Lomonte

The First Mourning
-Part 1
Germany, 1214

Dmitri Helgound III was in a complete spin, he is standing in front of his long since dead grandfather, who is a growling zombie, staring right at him with hungry eyes. The stillness of the situation was achingly long, no one moved, it was surreal. Everyone involved was waiting for someone or something to make a move.

Vladimir glanced over to the light and noticed the green light to the east was growing brighter. He hoped that the standoff would last long enough for what he thought should happen, actually could happen. He glanced back at the standoff. What seemed like the head zombie was edging ever closer to Dmitri. They were soon just inches apart. The fears that Dmitri had earlier were erased completely, he was lost in the eyes that looked like his, eyes that held the memories of his grandfather, and the threat and smell of death that lingered ever so close to him.

Dmitri wondered what was about to transpire, ‘Would he die right there or would he live to see the daylight? What was going on between the zombie and he? Why was everything so quiet?’

All of a sudden there was a chirp of a bird and then a crow of a rooster, and all of the zombies screeched into the waning moments of night and sprinted off and out of the city. Dmitri Helsgound I brushed by Dmitri III and he spun around to watch where they were headed. He looked as the all ran toward the blackness of the woods. His grandfather looked back and roared off into the night. Just like that the night terror was over, but the nightmare was just beginning.
“Are you okay Dmitri?” Viktor asked him as he grabbed Dmitri’s shoulder with a huge hand.
“Yeah… I’ll be fine,” he replied, and patted the big man’s hand. “I just don’t know what that was or where to go from here.”
“I hear you.”
“So they don’t like the day…” said Vladimir.
“What?” Dmitri asked.
“We know one of their weaknesses. We just need to keep narrowing that down until we can get rid of them,” Vladimir explained.
“Thanks, we can figure that out later, but can we check on the townspeople and our families for now? I need to get my head on straight.” They parted ways and agreed to meet at Dmitri’s house, or what was left of it.

Viktor, who had no family wandered about the streets helping whoever he could, he walked around picked up bodies and moved them to the edges of the streets or to the corners of roads, it was a sad sight and he seemed to make eye contact with everyone who was crying, which only infuriated him more. It made his stomach hurt and pained him so much to see everyone at their weakest moment. He remembered feeling that way when his parents disappeared.

He was a small child and he remembered coming back from Dmitri’s house going to his house only to find that it was burned down and his parents were never found. He had no memory of what they were like and when he was younger he didn’t spend time with them, he was always out around town, either causing trouble or following Dmitri and Vladimir around. Since that day he has always had a soft spot for anyone who is in pain. He had to grow up on his own with no real father or mother to guide him and support him. He lived with Vladimir’s family since then, but always felt secluded.

He grew up always getting in trouble and although he was friends with Dmitri he never got out of any trouble he was caught in. He had been in bar fights at age thirteen, he had fought bare knuckle since he was younger, and he was tough, except when it came to seeing people cry. It was contradictory because he could make someone feel the worst pain in the world, but he would sympathize toward them if they cried.

There he was, in the middle of the city, seeing all the people around him crying. Viktor was a tough man and he kept things inside him, but when he saw an orphaned girl crying for her parents, he wept. He went over to the little girl, no older than three, and picked her up. He held her in his arms and they cried together, for their parents, and for the situation they were in. Viktor swore to himself that he would raise that child and nothing would stop him.

Vladimir sprinted down to the farm he was raised on, he ran through the cramps that were coming up here and there. As he was getting away from town he noticed that the destruction was lessening. The streets were less bloody and there were more people about their normal lives. When he got back to his family farm it looked as if there wasn’t any damage at all. He swung the door open to the barn first because it was morning, when they usually milked the cows, and the whole family would be in there.

He entered the dark, musky barn and as his eyes adjusted to the dim light he didn’t like what he saw. His mother, sister and little brother were kneeled down over his father. Vladimir ran over and knelt next to his father’s head. He looked at what was wrong with his father. His side was gashed open, and blood spilled out with his heartbeat. His leg looked crooked as if it were broken. His arm had another gash in it, almost like a bite mark. He had a hard time breathing. Vladimir was shocked at what he saw because the outside of the farm was nearly perfect; it didn’t look like there was an attack.
“What happened here?” Vladimir asked with a coarse voice.
“Around dusk he was out finishing feeding the chickens when he saw something near the barn. He said he went to investigate and when he got in here there was… there was… Uh… Dmitri’s grandfather in here…” his mother trailed off.
“Only, it wasn’t his grandfather,” his father managed to say. “He was rotting and he growled at me and then screamed and attacked me.” He coughed and went quiet as the family tended to him the best they could. They spent the next half hour in silence as they were with their father in his last minutes on earth. The family wept for their father, they had memories dance in their heads and tears run down their cheeks.

When they couldn’t cry anymore Vladimir and his brother moved the body to his favorite spot to fish and smoke, a grassy knoll near the river that overlooked the hills of Germany. The men dug him a grave and placed him in it. The women in the family brought out a hand made quilt and bouquet of flowers to play over the spot where he lay.

Vladimir had more questions but no time for them to be answered. He had to put his father’s death past him and finish the fight at hand. He was now the man of the family. It was now his job to avenge his father’s death. He had some great information that could help the fight, but needed to get back to Dmitri to tell him about it.

Dmitri had been in a daze the entire morning. He had to walk through the city in which he let his people down, the city was half burnt down and so many people were mourning their lost ones. He knew he could’ve done more to stop this, he knew that it was his fault for not preparing early enough. He had to put on a brave face for the people of the city; he had to lead them by example. However, he was feeling the complete opposite of what he was showing, he was torn inside, he felt bad for everyone that had lost someone and he knew that he was going to lose someone close to him soon.


Part 2 coming soon…

The One Where I Need More Time


I apologize chapter 5 hasn’t gotten up here yet. 
I am writing a lot for this chapter, but I’m having trouble with connecting it to some other parts before they get there. 

Any way. I’d expect it to be up late tomorrow or thursday. I have written a lot. If you’d like me to I could break up the chapter into parts. Comment if I should!? 


The Bruins playoff series has been horrible. I liked the first win, over time sucks though. Then the second game was also dull. Boy did double overtime suck? The third game, where the win was nice and there were a few scraps, it was a bad game by the Bruins. 

I think this series is putting the Bruins to sleep. The Capitals are an emotionless team with nothing to lose. The Bruins needed to put up 6+ goals on Holtby in the first game, so that way he would have no confidence. Instead he has stoned the Bruins for the series. Giving him confidence and the Capitals a chance. 

The Bruins need to make this an emotional series because the Bruins have each other’s back, they are a brotherhood. If a series gets emotional the Bruins are bound to win it. However… the Flyers look too good, but that’s getting too far ahead. 

Washington, don’t poke the bear. 


The One Where Chapter 4 Is Finally Here

© Alexander Charles Lomonte and Lomonte’s Lager, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given by Alexander Charles Lomonte and Lomonte’s Lager with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Look what I finally wrote! Well, I said I’d do it before the weekend was up… and if you’re reading this in Massachusetts it is still the weekend. But here is chapter 4 in my book movie idea.

By Alex Lomonte

The Defense
Germany, 1214

They all stood there, in a standoff, Van Phelka growling and drooling; Gisele trembling in the arms of Dmitri, who stood there brave as could be staring back at the monster that used to be the grave keeper. The minutes seemed like hours to Gisele and Dmitri, they both feared that this would be their last moments together.

Gisele had tears in her eyes and looked up at Dmitri, “What do we do?”

Dmitri didn’t break eye contact with the zombie across from them and said, “We wait, until he makes a move.” Gisele let out a whimper and shivered in his arms. They stood there for what seemed like an eternity, she was always looking up at him while he just stared at the demon across from them. It was too quiet, even for a graveyard, a gust of wind picked up from the river and blew their hair all over the place. It was beginning to get darker, and darker by the second, soon it would be hard to see the rubble around them never mind the zombie. Gisele coughed, and the zombie growled and roared at them. He started to charge at them and Dmitri let go of Gisele, getting her out of harm’s way. The zombie was coming at him with tremendous speed, fifteen feet away, ten feet away, five, he jumped with a roar, Gisele screamed. The zombie dropped dead, not a foot away from Dmitri.

Dmitri stomped on its head to make sure it was dead, he found an arrow lying inside of its skull. He helped Gisele up and kissed her on the forehead. They heard someone approaching from the entrance of the graveyard.
“Dmitri?” Someone called. “Gisele?”
“Who is it? We’re over here,” Dmitri replied. The two sets of people made their way toward one another. The voice came from Dmitri’s friend, who he had known his whole life, Vladimir, a tall guy with wispy brown hair who strode across the graveyard with a bow slung across his back. He and Dmitri went way back, and sometimes it seemed as though Vladimir could read his mind. Following Vladimir was Viktor, a huge guy, who towered over nearly everyone in town, and although he was generally quiet he had a past of harming anything that stood against him. They made their way to Dmitri and Gisele. They looked down at the fallen zombie, and walked back toward town.
“How’d you know where we were?” Gisele asked them.
“Oh, you know, we always have to keep Dmitri in check, we never know what to expect, so we assumed over here,” Vladimir explained.
“Lucky guess, I guess,” said Viktor.
“Well, thank you,” Gisele looked at Dmitri, who had been silent since the attack.

He looked around at them and saw they were expecting a plan, “Gisele, I’m going to walk you back home, and then I need to go with Vlad and Viktor to prepare our defense. It’s late anyways, so we need to get a move on.” They got Gisele back safely and Dmitri kissed her as if he would never see her again. She looked at him with great sorrow in her eyes, she feared the same as he did. The men departed down the lane, and Gisele counted the steps Dmitri took, for she was seeing how many she would need to run back into his arms.

Dmitri, Vladimir and Viktor walked along the cobblestone streets; people looking out their windows from supper and from the safety of their homes. Some clapped for them, others joined them, and the city was behind their only defense. They made their way to the more farmland areas of the city.

“Alright, we need to start the defenses around the perimeter of the city. I need volunteers to watch the eastern side, here at the barn.” A few men raised their hands, and Dmitri pulled them aside. “You need to get supplies, food, weapons, and armor, anything for a camp. The battle may be over in a day or it may last a lifetime. Be prepared for anything. Go now, get your supplies and get back here as quickly as possible.”

Dmitri left the farm with a smaller group of people and was headed now to the downtown shopping area of the city. He said the same speech to these men, and once again departed with another, smaller group. The group made their way to the docks, and the graveyard again and when they were finished with the preparations the last three people that were left were, Dmitri, Vladimir and Viktor.
“Dmitri, how do we go about this?” Vladimir asked, motioning at the camps that were set up.
“We wait, when they attack, so will we. We will defend the city and in the best case kill these demons that haunt us.”
“That’s all well and good, but how exactly do we know when they are gone?”
“Vlad, Vlad, we won’t know until the time comes. We have to be ready for anything, anything at all.”
“Okay, I’ll wait, but can we get some weapons and armor for us? I feel vulnerable out here.”
“Yeah, I need to get my gear,” growled Viktor. They moved on to the armory where they saw hundreds of choices of weapons; everything from simple swords, bows, axes, maces, clubs, even some mysterious looking pieces of equipment. They got light gear for the moment, at least Dmitri and Vladimir did. Viktor chose a club, two axes and a bushel of throwing knives, whereas Dmitri and Vladimir had a bow and sword.
“Now, gentlemen, we join the ranks of our men and wait to attack the menace that threatens our city,” Dmitri exclaimed, then left the room to free the city from its doom. Vladimir and Viktor looked at each other and nodded in a silent agreement, and then followed their best friend to whatever was coming next.

The city was absolute chaos when they got out of the armory, people screaming, zombies and people running about, there was a house on fire and children crying for their parents, who may not be coming back. Dmitri looked shocked and horrified and when he turned back to Vladimir and Viktor who were equally scared. Viktor watched as a girl ran by them and got mauled by a mutant zombie. A tear rolled down his face and then he charged into battle.

He swung his club at any disfigured lump that was growling toward him, his roars and grunts were much louder than the zombies’. Vladimir and Dmitri looked at each other and drew their swords as friends and took to the battle. The zombies came around corners in waves and only took notice to those that were afraid, which was the entire city; it trembled in fear and shook in a battle that raged through the night.

Vladimir took his bow out when he saw a crowd of them heading his way. He methodically put arrows in zombies’ head as if he had been trained in the art of slaying them. He took all but one of them out. Which charged at him and they engaged in a melee battle. He used what jabs and kicks he could to knock it back. The zombie clacked its rotting teeth at him, trying to bite what it could. It scratched his arm as they disengaged. There was a brief moment where it seemed as if the zombie and Vladimir looked at each other. Then the zombie leapt nearly twenty feet in the air only to land a few inches away from Vladimir. Vladimir did not hesitate at the beast; he grabbed its head and ran with it smashing its skull into a brick wall.

The battle raged on through the night and there were many casualties. The city would never be the same if it made it through the night. It was amazing the men were holding their ground this late into the night. Every man there was had to fight several zombies at once. It was a terrifyingly magnificent sight, men fighting for their family and friends winning just on pure adrenaline and hope.

Dmitri found himself in a struggle, he was in a daze, he did not expect the sights he was seeing. He was trying to fight off what zombies he could, all while battling with the thoughts of what was going to happen in the morning, how did it happen so fast, and where was Gisele? He had to battle off more than just zombies, he was dealing with inner demons as well. He had fear of disappointing his father, letting his people down and he was deathly terrified of where and what was happening to Gisele.

He fought off a zombie and was tackled quickly by another. He was pinned to the ground and just dodged a bite that would’ve put him down for the count. He kicked off the demon and as he did so it scratched his arm a very deep gash that was bleeding profusely. The zombie screeched through the night, a blood curdling noise that shattered glass and pierced through souls.

Dmitri looked terrified at what he saw next. He looked down the street and saw hundreds of undead heading his way. Vladimir and Viktor fought their way to him, even when a zombie wasn’t attacking them. They went back to back to back and saw zombies closing in on them. The zombies were getting closer and closer and soon the three were in a circle of growling, drooling, bleeding zombies who slowly went quiet so you could faintly hear the sobbing of people and the crackle of fire. Just beyond the throng of undead you could see the men collapsed at their efforts, either of exhaustion or of shock. None could try to fight through the crowd.

Then the crowd began to part, and as they were the growling and grunting started back up again. Someone or something was making their way to the center of the circle. Dmitri nudged Vladimir and Viktor and they watched the zombies part for this mysterious being. Vladimir looked off to the east and saw a faint green glow. The figure was finally in the middle of the circle and Dmitri was shocked as he was staring right into the eyes of his grandfather. He had flashbacks of him teaching him sword etiquette, how to treat a lady, how to scale a fish, he taught him many things he used in daily life. Dmitri thought he was just a memory and he would never see the man again. But there he was standing, growling at his grandson.

The One Where I can’t write in the book for a few days.


Sorry to everyone who has been trying to read my book/movie idea. I am drawing a blank on some main characters’ names. I have them written down at my house and will be getting them over the weekend and I will write the next chapter by the end of the weekend. 

I can’t write in the book because these main characters have to be correct, I need to know their names and background, (which are in a notebook at home) because they set up the rest of the book. So, before I give away what might happen, I’ll change the subject. 

The Bruins won in OT, and that was just great! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game, but unfortunately I have to work and then see my brother’s baseball game (and get the notes) during the game… 

The Celtics lost, which is okay but as long as they make the playoffs and don’t have to play the Heat or Bulls in the first round, they may be in good shape. 

The Red Sox finally came home to a 100 year old Fenway Park, and boy, that was some birthday for the old girl. A pitcher’s duel until the 8th inning when the Red Sox looked like they were holding back some frustration. It was great! 

But… I hate Bobby Valentine. We don’t need him or want him (or at least I don’t). 

But I don’t want to rant. So once again, sorry I can’t write in the book for a day or two.

Hope you’ll read the other posts though!


The One About Chapter 3: Dmitri Helsgound III

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If you’re new to this blog/book/novel…. then this is where I post my book/movie idea I have had since 8th grade. I also write about sports and other stuff. This particular post is chapter 3 in my book.

By Alex Lomonte

Dmitri Helsgound III
Germany, 1214

Dmitri Helsgound III awoke with a start; he had chills down his back and cold sweat drenching his body. He looked at his beautiful girlfriend, asleep next to him. He quietly got up and went out on the balcony. He overlooked the streets of the city, whose cobblestone streets glimmered in the recent rain that covered it. He looked up at the sky and saw the half moon, half covered in clouds, and it seemed as though the stars were shining brighter than usual tonight.

Dmitri stretched his recently sleeping muscles and ran his hand through his light brown hair, scratched his stubble and looked down the road. He saw an eerie green tinted fog crawl through the streets making creepy as they could get. Dmitri thought he heard screams and then he got another chill down his spine, he thought he heard someone coming behind him and whirled around, fists ready.

He was face to face with his girlfriend, Gisele, who was a bit shocked. “Who’d you expect, babe? The Crypt Keeper?” she joked. “It’s me.”

Dmitri looked her in her beautiful blue-green eyes he had grown to love, “I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else,” he said with a smile. He held her close and they watched the fog creep down the lane and fill the town.

The maid had been knocking at the door for nearly fifteen minutes before Dmitri answered it. “Yes?” he asked.
“Sir, your father needs you immediately at the center of town. It’s important.”

Dmitri rushed through his room, which was inside the mansion he and his family had gotten since his grandfather fought for his people’s rights and brought them here. It was a marvelous home, even by current standards. Since the town had been founded, it was the man’s job in the family to be the mayor. Not a pompous mayor who sits upon his wealth, but one who not only runs the city, but defends it as well. Dmitri was next in line to his 50 year old father’s throne. He had not wanted to take on all the responsibilities yet, but he knew his time was near.

Dmitri got dressed quickly and kissed Gisele goodbye, she tried holding onto him for longer, and they held a gaze for a long time, so long and passionate that you’d think they wouldn’t see each other for a very long time. He brushed the hair out of her face and left with a small smile.

He made his way quickly to the town square where he met a large crowd of people all chatting nervously about something that happened in the graveyard the night before. Dmitri barely got past one wall of people before he was barraged by questions.
“Sir, what happened last night?”
“Sire, what’re we going to do about it?”
“Mr. Helsgound, how did this happen?”

Dmitri, had no answers for the worried people, and as they started to get more and more angered some policemen swooped in and guided him to the podium. When he got there he was met by his mother, father and friends. His mother gave him a hug and his father gave him a stern look, probably for being late and for being somewhat unaware of the issue at hand. He then turned toward his friends and gave them each a nod. He wanted to ask them what was going on but before he could his father started his speech.

“Hello, citizens, I welcome you this morning and I am here to address the events of last night. Many of you had come with complaints about a ruckus last night. Those who live near the graveyard especially have complained about growling and said there were people running amok last night.” He paused and scanned the crowd. Dmitri noticed some people, those who he knew lived near the graveyard looked extremely pale and scared. The children had tear marks on their cheeks. Dmitri shook his head and turned back to his father.

“I thought it could’ve been troublemakers who do what they do but then I was approached by a strange old man in a hood last night who said that the noise was not just vandals but by creatures only known in myth and legend. He then told me a tale of how the graveyard was ruined. He told me a grim story around the time this town was fighting for its township; how an envious priest and a troubled youth cursed this town for seventy years later, to perish and burn against the threat of zombies. That is what hit the graveyard last night. Now we are going to set up a defense system for when they come back.” He paused again and the crowd applauded here and there. Dmitri Helsgound II shot a glance back at Dmitri Helsgound III, and then continued on with his speech.

“My son will lead this defense team and then following the termination of the threat will become the mayor, as I will step down when the threat is taken care of. I have grown old for this job and as many of you know, my son here is responsible enough to run the city. I will give him this opportunity to prove himself to you; he has already proven himself to me.”

Dmitri Helsgound III was stunned and could do nothing but smile, he scanned the crowd and saw Gisele making her way through guarded by police. He looked at her and she gave him the biggest smile. The next few hours were a blur to Dmitri, he was greeting people he had never met, visiting nearly every shop in town, he went to the docks, the farms, downtown, and at the end of the day he ended up at the graveyard.

He walked the cold scary paths that were strewn with rubble and remnants of head stones. The air reeked with freshly turned up dirt and flesh, the breeze in his face did not help either. He slowly was walking toward his grandfather’s headstone when Gisele grabbed his hand. They heard growling and spun around quickly. Van Phelka was standing, sort of, with one leg clearly broken and most of his face missing, drooling blood. Gisele screamed.