The One Where We Want to Keep The Cup


I hope you [no matter where you are (except Toronto or Montreal)] are excited for this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.

This year is going to be very interesting. The Rangers look like the favorite from the East. But the Penguins might top them; with Crosby they’ve been great, and there’s no place better to find your game than in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. (if so, maybe he was healthy all along and the Penguins were just fucking with us. Lemieux, the bastard!) 

But the Penguins have to get past the Flyers, in what is the most exciting rivalry in the first round since…. since… oh wait… last year. Bruins v Habs, you cannot top that, except maybe in a different sport. (Red Sox v Yankees reference) [also excluding Detroit/Chicago, one can only hope]

And then there’s the Florida/NJ match up…. whoopdee-frigging-doo! Honestly the only intriguing thing in that match up is the thought of Marty Broduer redeveloping his style and/or Kovalchuk showing us 100 million reasons why he’s that good. 

(Skipping the Bruins for obvious reasons.)

Then we’ll have to see about the Vancouver Canucks. How’d they get back to the Presidents’ Trophy? But how nice would it be to just watch a rematch in the finals? 

And then is my second favorite team, St. Louis Blues who, I think could reek havoc this spring. They play hard nosed hockey and have Halek, a phenom in goal, so they have a great chance of getting the glory.

I don’t necessarily care for the rest of the conference out West. I think the Coyotes’ players are lucky and someone should buy them in the next few weeks, because they might just steal it. I hate the Predators, I don’t know why but fuck them.

I kind of just want the Red Wings and Blackhawks meet up somehow. That’d be a great series. Not to mention how intense game seven would be. (Yes, I know it’ll go to seven games, you think that the Red Wings lose at home? HA!)

Geez, that took awhile boys. While the battle of CA was taking place I was writing this. I hope they know they were only playing to see who the Canucks and Blues would beat. Kings and Sharks respectively. Does Joe Thornton have a cup?


Well, here we are again, a girlfriend, a job, college, a disappointment (Red Sox), a great last game of the MLB season (for those non-Braves and non-Red Sox fans (both not me)), Tebow-time, a Christmas miracle (NBA… I guess), two broken hearts within two weeks (one, Patriots, the other in Ohio), and a long anxious wait later; the Bruins are really set to defend their title. 

They have to face the Washington Capitals, who do have some talented scorers and a decent goalie. But the Bruins have Tim Thomas, and a blue-collar crew to test those in the red and blue; and the Bruins have a 7′ menace in Zdeno Chara who everyone has to answer to. 

The Bruins still are the team they were in November/December, (minus Horton/Rask) they cooled off by playing .500 hockey, and got injuries up the wazoo to make insult to injury (pun intended, of course). So really they got their slump on at the right time. Most people forget they went through a slump late last year before the run began. 

So, when it all comes down to it, there are the favorites, Rangers, Blues, Canucks, Penguins, Flyers, Bruins (yeah they are lower than the other teams, I can’t lie to you, I mean do you think anyone is getting past Lundqvuist in the near future?), and just because the LA/SJ game is in overtime, I’ll rank the rest. The next teams that are good enough are; Predators, Blackhawks, Sharks, Kings, Devils, Coyotes, Capitals and the measly Senators (boy do I hope I never have to regret those words). 

This much is true: 

We Want the CUP!



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