The One Where Game 1 Can’t Come Fast Enough


For today I can’t post a chapter or excerpt from my book/movie idea. One because I had no time today, well I wasted it on being outside. And two the part I had wasn’t a good spot to post it. I will write in it tomorrow. You have that to look forward to… and if you are a hockey fan you might want to keep reading this post.

I cannot wait for the playoffs, yes they’re two days away and that’s not that long to wait, but I haven’t been this excited for a hockey game since Game 7. Ooh boy, that was a fun day. 

I went to Six Flags, got to hang out with one of my best friends who later became my girlfriend. Then got to go over her house and watch the Bruins make history. I can go on but ehh….

The Bruins play the Capitals on Thursday, and I have to say… I’m nervous for the Bruins. It’s nearly impossible for Tim Thomas to repeat the performance from last year. Unless he does that, this match up will be tough. And it can only get tougher. They’d move on to face the Rangers, or the Flyers or the Penguins, who are all better than them and quite frankly, there’s a very small chance they can get past those teams. 

I hope they can repeat. We’ll see soon enough.


3 thoughts on “The One Where Game 1 Can’t Come Fast Enough

  1. Ben Dover says:


  2. John doe says:

    Fuck Ben Dover

  3. lomonte11 says:

    This means I’m a chef!

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