The One About Chapter 3: Dmitri Helsgound III

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If you’re new to this blog/book/novel…. then this is where I post my book/movie idea I have had since 8th grade. I also write about sports and other stuff. This particular post is chapter 3 in my book.

By Alex Lomonte

Dmitri Helsgound III
Germany, 1214

Dmitri Helsgound III awoke with a start; he had chills down his back and cold sweat drenching his body. He looked at his beautiful girlfriend, asleep next to him. He quietly got up and went out on the balcony. He overlooked the streets of the city, whose cobblestone streets glimmered in the recent rain that covered it. He looked up at the sky and saw the half moon, half covered in clouds, and it seemed as though the stars were shining brighter than usual tonight.

Dmitri stretched his recently sleeping muscles and ran his hand through his light brown hair, scratched his stubble and looked down the road. He saw an eerie green tinted fog crawl through the streets making creepy as they could get. Dmitri thought he heard screams and then he got another chill down his spine, he thought he heard someone coming behind him and whirled around, fists ready.

He was face to face with his girlfriend, Gisele, who was a bit shocked. “Who’d you expect, babe? The Crypt Keeper?” she joked. “It’s me.”

Dmitri looked her in her beautiful blue-green eyes he had grown to love, “I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else,” he said with a smile. He held her close and they watched the fog creep down the lane and fill the town.

The maid had been knocking at the door for nearly fifteen minutes before Dmitri answered it. “Yes?” he asked.
“Sir, your father needs you immediately at the center of town. It’s important.”

Dmitri rushed through his room, which was inside the mansion he and his family had gotten since his grandfather fought for his people’s rights and brought them here. It was a marvelous home, even by current standards. Since the town had been founded, it was the man’s job in the family to be the mayor. Not a pompous mayor who sits upon his wealth, but one who not only runs the city, but defends it as well. Dmitri was next in line to his 50 year old father’s throne. He had not wanted to take on all the responsibilities yet, but he knew his time was near.

Dmitri got dressed quickly and kissed Gisele goodbye, she tried holding onto him for longer, and they held a gaze for a long time, so long and passionate that you’d think they wouldn’t see each other for a very long time. He brushed the hair out of her face and left with a small smile.

He made his way quickly to the town square where he met a large crowd of people all chatting nervously about something that happened in the graveyard the night before. Dmitri barely got past one wall of people before he was barraged by questions.
“Sir, what happened last night?”
“Sire, what’re we going to do about it?”
“Mr. Helsgound, how did this happen?”

Dmitri, had no answers for the worried people, and as they started to get more and more angered some policemen swooped in and guided him to the podium. When he got there he was met by his mother, father and friends. His mother gave him a hug and his father gave him a stern look, probably for being late and for being somewhat unaware of the issue at hand. He then turned toward his friends and gave them each a nod. He wanted to ask them what was going on but before he could his father started his speech.

“Hello, citizens, I welcome you this morning and I am here to address the events of last night. Many of you had come with complaints about a ruckus last night. Those who live near the graveyard especially have complained about growling and said there were people running amok last night.” He paused and scanned the crowd. Dmitri noticed some people, those who he knew lived near the graveyard looked extremely pale and scared. The children had tear marks on their cheeks. Dmitri shook his head and turned back to his father.

“I thought it could’ve been troublemakers who do what they do but then I was approached by a strange old man in a hood last night who said that the noise was not just vandals but by creatures only known in myth and legend. He then told me a tale of how the graveyard was ruined. He told me a grim story around the time this town was fighting for its township; how an envious priest and a troubled youth cursed this town for seventy years later, to perish and burn against the threat of zombies. That is what hit the graveyard last night. Now we are going to set up a defense system for when they come back.” He paused again and the crowd applauded here and there. Dmitri Helsgound II shot a glance back at Dmitri Helsgound III, and then continued on with his speech.

“My son will lead this defense team and then following the termination of the threat will become the mayor, as I will step down when the threat is taken care of. I have grown old for this job and as many of you know, my son here is responsible enough to run the city. I will give him this opportunity to prove himself to you; he has already proven himself to me.”

Dmitri Helsgound III was stunned and could do nothing but smile, he scanned the crowd and saw Gisele making her way through guarded by police. He looked at her and she gave him the biggest smile. The next few hours were a blur to Dmitri, he was greeting people he had never met, visiting nearly every shop in town, he went to the docks, the farms, downtown, and at the end of the day he ended up at the graveyard.

He walked the cold scary paths that were strewn with rubble and remnants of head stones. The air reeked with freshly turned up dirt and flesh, the breeze in his face did not help either. He slowly was walking toward his grandfather’s headstone when Gisele grabbed his hand. They heard growling and spun around quickly. Van Phelka was standing, sort of, with one leg clearly broken and most of his face missing, drooling blood. Gisele screamed.



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