The One Where I can’t write in the book for a few days.


Sorry to everyone who has been trying to read my book/movie idea. I am drawing a blank on some main characters’ names. I have them written down at my house and will be getting them over the weekend and I will write the next chapter by the end of the weekend. 

I can’t write in the book because these main characters have to be correct, I need to know their names and background, (which are in a notebook at home) because they set up the rest of the book. So, before I give away what might happen, I’ll change the subject. 

The Bruins won in OT, and that was just great! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game, but unfortunately I have to work and then see my brother’s baseball game (and get the notes) during the game… 

The Celtics lost, which is okay but as long as they make the playoffs and don’t have to play the Heat or Bulls in the first round, they may be in good shape. 

The Red Sox finally came home to a 100 year old Fenway Park, and boy, that was some birthday for the old girl. A pitcher’s duel until the 8th inning when the Red Sox looked like they were holding back some frustration. It was great! 

But… I hate Bobby Valentine. We don’t need him or want him (or at least I don’t). 

But I don’t want to rant. So once again, sorry I can’t write in the book for a day or two.

Hope you’ll read the other posts though!



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