The One Where Chapter 4 Is Finally Here

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Look what I finally wrote! Well, I said I’d do it before the weekend was up… and if you’re reading this in Massachusetts it is still the weekend. But here is chapter 4 in my book movie idea.

By Alex Lomonte

The Defense
Germany, 1214

They all stood there, in a standoff, Van Phelka growling and drooling; Gisele trembling in the arms of Dmitri, who stood there brave as could be staring back at the monster that used to be the grave keeper. The minutes seemed like hours to Gisele and Dmitri, they both feared that this would be their last moments together.

Gisele had tears in her eyes and looked up at Dmitri, “What do we do?”

Dmitri didn’t break eye contact with the zombie across from them and said, “We wait, until he makes a move.” Gisele let out a whimper and shivered in his arms. They stood there for what seemed like an eternity, she was always looking up at him while he just stared at the demon across from them. It was too quiet, even for a graveyard, a gust of wind picked up from the river and blew their hair all over the place. It was beginning to get darker, and darker by the second, soon it would be hard to see the rubble around them never mind the zombie. Gisele coughed, and the zombie growled and roared at them. He started to charge at them and Dmitri let go of Gisele, getting her out of harm’s way. The zombie was coming at him with tremendous speed, fifteen feet away, ten feet away, five, he jumped with a roar, Gisele screamed. The zombie dropped dead, not a foot away from Dmitri.

Dmitri stomped on its head to make sure it was dead, he found an arrow lying inside of its skull. He helped Gisele up and kissed her on the forehead. They heard someone approaching from the entrance of the graveyard.
“Dmitri?” Someone called. “Gisele?”
“Who is it? We’re over here,” Dmitri replied. The two sets of people made their way toward one another. The voice came from Dmitri’s friend, who he had known his whole life, Vladimir, a tall guy with wispy brown hair who strode across the graveyard with a bow slung across his back. He and Dmitri went way back, and sometimes it seemed as though Vladimir could read his mind. Following Vladimir was Viktor, a huge guy, who towered over nearly everyone in town, and although he was generally quiet he had a past of harming anything that stood against him. They made their way to Dmitri and Gisele. They looked down at the fallen zombie, and walked back toward town.
“How’d you know where we were?” Gisele asked them.
“Oh, you know, we always have to keep Dmitri in check, we never know what to expect, so we assumed over here,” Vladimir explained.
“Lucky guess, I guess,” said Viktor.
“Well, thank you,” Gisele looked at Dmitri, who had been silent since the attack.

He looked around at them and saw they were expecting a plan, “Gisele, I’m going to walk you back home, and then I need to go with Vlad and Viktor to prepare our defense. It’s late anyways, so we need to get a move on.” They got Gisele back safely and Dmitri kissed her as if he would never see her again. She looked at him with great sorrow in her eyes, she feared the same as he did. The men departed down the lane, and Gisele counted the steps Dmitri took, for she was seeing how many she would need to run back into his arms.

Dmitri, Vladimir and Viktor walked along the cobblestone streets; people looking out their windows from supper and from the safety of their homes. Some clapped for them, others joined them, and the city was behind their only defense. They made their way to the more farmland areas of the city.

“Alright, we need to start the defenses around the perimeter of the city. I need volunteers to watch the eastern side, here at the barn.” A few men raised their hands, and Dmitri pulled them aside. “You need to get supplies, food, weapons, and armor, anything for a camp. The battle may be over in a day or it may last a lifetime. Be prepared for anything. Go now, get your supplies and get back here as quickly as possible.”

Dmitri left the farm with a smaller group of people and was headed now to the downtown shopping area of the city. He said the same speech to these men, and once again departed with another, smaller group. The group made their way to the docks, and the graveyard again and when they were finished with the preparations the last three people that were left were, Dmitri, Vladimir and Viktor.
“Dmitri, how do we go about this?” Vladimir asked, motioning at the camps that were set up.
“We wait, when they attack, so will we. We will defend the city and in the best case kill these demons that haunt us.”
“That’s all well and good, but how exactly do we know when they are gone?”
“Vlad, Vlad, we won’t know until the time comes. We have to be ready for anything, anything at all.”
“Okay, I’ll wait, but can we get some weapons and armor for us? I feel vulnerable out here.”
“Yeah, I need to get my gear,” growled Viktor. They moved on to the armory where they saw hundreds of choices of weapons; everything from simple swords, bows, axes, maces, clubs, even some mysterious looking pieces of equipment. They got light gear for the moment, at least Dmitri and Vladimir did. Viktor chose a club, two axes and a bushel of throwing knives, whereas Dmitri and Vladimir had a bow and sword.
“Now, gentlemen, we join the ranks of our men and wait to attack the menace that threatens our city,” Dmitri exclaimed, then left the room to free the city from its doom. Vladimir and Viktor looked at each other and nodded in a silent agreement, and then followed their best friend to whatever was coming next.

The city was absolute chaos when they got out of the armory, people screaming, zombies and people running about, there was a house on fire and children crying for their parents, who may not be coming back. Dmitri looked shocked and horrified and when he turned back to Vladimir and Viktor who were equally scared. Viktor watched as a girl ran by them and got mauled by a mutant zombie. A tear rolled down his face and then he charged into battle.

He swung his club at any disfigured lump that was growling toward him, his roars and grunts were much louder than the zombies’. Vladimir and Dmitri looked at each other and drew their swords as friends and took to the battle. The zombies came around corners in waves and only took notice to those that were afraid, which was the entire city; it trembled in fear and shook in a battle that raged through the night.

Vladimir took his bow out when he saw a crowd of them heading his way. He methodically put arrows in zombies’ head as if he had been trained in the art of slaying them. He took all but one of them out. Which charged at him and they engaged in a melee battle. He used what jabs and kicks he could to knock it back. The zombie clacked its rotting teeth at him, trying to bite what it could. It scratched his arm as they disengaged. There was a brief moment where it seemed as if the zombie and Vladimir looked at each other. Then the zombie leapt nearly twenty feet in the air only to land a few inches away from Vladimir. Vladimir did not hesitate at the beast; he grabbed its head and ran with it smashing its skull into a brick wall.

The battle raged on through the night and there were many casualties. The city would never be the same if it made it through the night. It was amazing the men were holding their ground this late into the night. Every man there was had to fight several zombies at once. It was a terrifyingly magnificent sight, men fighting for their family and friends winning just on pure adrenaline and hope.

Dmitri found himself in a struggle, he was in a daze, he did not expect the sights he was seeing. He was trying to fight off what zombies he could, all while battling with the thoughts of what was going to happen in the morning, how did it happen so fast, and where was Gisele? He had to battle off more than just zombies, he was dealing with inner demons as well. He had fear of disappointing his father, letting his people down and he was deathly terrified of where and what was happening to Gisele.

He fought off a zombie and was tackled quickly by another. He was pinned to the ground and just dodged a bite that would’ve put him down for the count. He kicked off the demon and as he did so it scratched his arm a very deep gash that was bleeding profusely. The zombie screeched through the night, a blood curdling noise that shattered glass and pierced through souls.

Dmitri looked terrified at what he saw next. He looked down the street and saw hundreds of undead heading his way. Vladimir and Viktor fought their way to him, even when a zombie wasn’t attacking them. They went back to back to back and saw zombies closing in on them. The zombies were getting closer and closer and soon the three were in a circle of growling, drooling, bleeding zombies who slowly went quiet so you could faintly hear the sobbing of people and the crackle of fire. Just beyond the throng of undead you could see the men collapsed at their efforts, either of exhaustion or of shock. None could try to fight through the crowd.

Then the crowd began to part, and as they were the growling and grunting started back up again. Someone or something was making their way to the center of the circle. Dmitri nudged Vladimir and Viktor and they watched the zombies part for this mysterious being. Vladimir looked off to the east and saw a faint green glow. The figure was finally in the middle of the circle and Dmitri was shocked as he was staring right into the eyes of his grandfather. He had flashbacks of him teaching him sword etiquette, how to treat a lady, how to scale a fish, he taught him many things he used in daily life. Dmitri thought he was just a memory and he would never see the man again. But there he was standing, growling at his grandson.


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