The One Where I Need More Time


I apologize chapter 5 hasn’t gotten up here yet. 
I am writing a lot for this chapter, but I’m having trouble with connecting it to some other parts before they get there. 

Any way. I’d expect it to be up late tomorrow or thursday. I have written a lot. If you’d like me to I could break up the chapter into parts. Comment if I should!? 


The Bruins playoff series has been horrible. I liked the first win, over time sucks though. Then the second game was also dull. Boy did double overtime suck? The third game, where the win was nice and there were a few scraps, it was a bad game by the Bruins. 

I think this series is putting the Bruins to sleep. The Capitals are an emotionless team with nothing to lose. The Bruins needed to put up 6+ goals on Holtby in the first game, so that way he would have no confidence. Instead he has stoned the Bruins for the series. Giving him confidence and the Capitals a chance. 

The Bruins need to make this an emotional series because the Bruins have each other’s back, they are a brotherhood. If a series gets emotional the Bruins are bound to win it. However… the Flyers look too good, but that’s getting too far ahead. 

Washington, don’t poke the bear. 



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