The One Where There’s Going to be A break….


Sorry about this but I have to take a little break from writing for a little. Well Posting the book fo a little, because I need to study for finals and all that, but I will hopefully get one more chapter up before school is out. Once school is out, then I’ll be able to post a lot. 


Anyway, game 7 tomorrow night! For those of you that don’t know, I’m a wicked big Bruins fan. They need to win tomorrow, simple as that. If they can win they might have an easy shot to the finals. That is, if the Senators beat the Rangers. If they can do that, the Bruins will play them and, then its Senators, Conference Finals, Stanley Cup. 

But they need to win tomorrow. 

The Red Sox, Finally won yesterday! But they traded away their best pitching prospect…. for Marlon Byrd? Dumb move in my opinion. 

They’ll probably come in 4th this year, in the AL East. I just don’t like this team, they don’t have what it takes. And this is coming from a fan that believed in ’04 believed in ’07 believed last year. They just don’t spark the imagination. 

Whatever, Go Sox, right?


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