The One Where I’m Writing Here Again!


I don’t know if you noticed but I haven’t written in this for a long time. I kinda got caught up with classes and the weekends and other stuff. Maybe I should’ve stayed in instead…. I made a fool of myself on multiple occasions. 

I’m back to writing in this and my book, if you’re interested stay tuned for more of that. 

Since I last posted the Bruins lost and are out…. What can you do? They will be better next year, they have too much talent and are still young and growing as a team. I expect nothing except an appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals. 

The Celtics seem to have their act together. (Knock on wood). Rajon Rondo is definitely the best point guard in the league. 

The Red Sox can’t seem to win at home, which is a huge problem. They used to count on at least 50 wins there every year. And if they can’t do that I doubt they’ll make the playoffs. I think it’s because in years past they have had the support of everyone in the city. I mean, they still do, but there is hostility toward them. We, as fans have had nearly enough with this team Bobby V just sucks and the pitching is frustrating everyone. I love them and want to see them go all the way. 

More on the Sox, Will Middlebrooks is going to unseat Kevin Youkilis at 3B this year. The only thing the kid doesn’t have is big league experience, which he’ll get with time, and then the Red Sox will have the best infield in the league. Only question is, what can we get for Youk? ….. And When will Ryan Lavarnway be ready to catch everyday? Can’t wait. 

The Patriots had a great draft in my opinion. Sure they didn’t get a RB or young WR but they don’t need one. They got stacked on defense now. I’m sure Hightower and Jones are going to make an immediate impact as will Nate Ebner. He and Chung are going to be feared by the end of the season. They are doing it right, building a young defense as their QB is aging, so by the time he is out and its time for a new QB the defense can hold the team up. Bill Belichick is brilliant. 

Great time to be a Boston Sports fan.



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