The One Where I Steal Home


How about that Bryce Harper kid? 

He’s pretty good huh? I mean he tore it up in his first few games, nearly throwing someone out on a rope, (no bounces) and then stealing home! He has the baseball world by storm. 

Except for his opponents and especially Cole Hamels. If you go back a few minutes earlier, Cole Hamels hit him with a pitch as a “welcome to the big leagues’ present.”

And now Cole Hamels is suspended for five games. 

Ok Bud Selig, you just sent a huge sign to the baseball world, Bryce Harper is protected by the MLB. 

I like Harper better than Hamels but I think that Cole did the right thing. 

Harper is bringing life back into baseball (Sorry Matt Kemp) he is 19 years old! And now that the MLB basically protected him for a few years its sending the wrong sign. 

Cole Hamels had it right, just like back in the old days, welcome the cocky kid to the league. It’s showmanship, I think that was the right thing to do to Harper, just to show him that you (the Phillies) aren’t scared of him. Its putting the rookie in his place, teaching him its a team game. 


Bud Selig took that piece away from them, now it appears as though Bryce has a shield around him, “Don’t hit our Brycey!” 

Just play ball, the kid will learn.

He’s that good. 

– Lomonte

PS- Let the record show that he is still older than me. 


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