The One Where I Should Have Gone to the Project X Party


I’m way out of date with a lot of things, some sports stuff, movies, music, I’m always a step behind on the whole pop culture thing. 

Anyway, I watched Project X tonight and it really makes me wish I wasn’t a loser in high school. I mean literally zero parties under my belt until college. And where I had always thought that it’d be cool to go to a party I knew that I could never get wild or score with a girl. 

Shit… I had my priorities wrong… 

I know the chances of there ever being a “project x” party are very slim, but even a small-ish rager would’ve been fun to go to. 

I can’t even imagine what I would’ve done if I had gone to that (made-up) party, it was completely crazy. Shit got out of hand fast.

Honestly it would’ve turned out to be a sausage-fest. When guys hear of drunk girls our ears perk up and we get interested. I know just at college there are guys who drive 45 minutes to try to get it in. So I’m pretty sure that party would’ve attracted too many guys for it to be that fun. 

Either way, sick (made-up) party. 

Did you know the movie was actually a love story?



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