The One Where You Should Watch A Video


If you have read this since the beginning, or know a lot about me, both of which are highly unlikely, you will know that I make YouTube videos with my friends. 

Well, after a break (college) we have made another. it is about the beginning of our show. 

It’s all made up and stuff, obviously, but you should still watch it. 

Out Channel is:

I’m writing this while the newest video is uploading. Hopefully you’ll still watch it even though the actual link is not one click away. I mean, you should watch the other videos we have, they’re all entertaining. 

Well, as you might notice I haven’t written my book lately, and I’m sorry. I’ll try to get to it this week, I’ll be busy but see what I can write in it. The chapters are getting longer so it’s more difficult to wirte it so fast. 

I’ll get to it soon for you. 

The video has uploaded and is being processed. I’m trying to write as it does that so if anyone reads this they can just click on the link and watch the semi-interesting video.

There you go, please watch!



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