The One About Gamesmanship


It’s been awhile… I know… sorry… I still haven’t written this or that. My bad… 

I’m gonna take a moment though to say, Lance Stevenson… REALLY!?!?! Don’t apologize to LeBron James about the choking gesture. Or any player in any sport, don’t apologize! I understand if you do something really bad (ahem… Delonte West) but otherwise don’t! 

It’s called sportsmanship, where you try to get in your opponent’s heads by play or a gesture or something. Hockey is a great example, although sometimes it ends in a fight… but each team generally has one player that is considered the enforcer, the fighter, ect., their job is to get into the opponents’ heads and get them off their game. 

More often than not it works.

I think as a player, a competitor, you should use anything you can in your advantage, of course not including drugs and fouling and other such stuff. But getting in the opposition’s head is fair play.

I mean, that’s where you determine the men from the boys. Just look at Reggie Miller. Sure the Knicks weren’t part of it, but Spike Lee was. He was getting in his head, until it clicked and Reggie became the man, he went off and led his team. 

It’s all about getting ahead of them by getting in their heads. This year the Pacers said they weren’t afraid of the Heat, and now look, the series is tied; Indiana doesn’t belong on the same floor as the Heat, but they are, and they’re in the Heat’s heads. 

Same with the Sixers, they battled back from a sure win for the Celtics and now the Celtics have some fear in their eyes, Philadelphia can beat them, and Boston now knows this. 

I love it when a guy, mainly in basketball, shows off, stares the man he just beat in his eyes and gestures or coolly walks off, it gives me the chills, it puts the swagger wagon on the right side. It lifts his team, it raises his play. 

Only the men can fight back from that. 



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