The One Where, yeah, I Like This Team


Have you been watching the Red Sox?

Well, maybe you should, because they’re going to be your World Series Champions.

I’m not kidding.

First off, this situation (39-35) is due to injuries, not the collapse of last year. Although that September and the clubhouse activities are unforgivable and unforgettable; the Sox just missed the postseason in a matter of 2 runs and I believe 10 minutes apart. (Don’t quote me, but it seemed like it was that close.)

Taking you back to last year, the last game of the MLB season and the Red Sox had a slim lead over the Rays for the Wild Card spot.

The Red Sox were playing the lowly, but pesky Orioles. The Rays were playing the Yankees.

Looking good for the Sox at the start of the night.

A rain delay and probably five hours, and probably 12 beers, a few fried chicken and a few CoD games later, the Red Sox were nearing the bottom of the 9th looking at a 3-2 lead.

The Rays on the other hand were down 7-1.

Alright, let’s just throw Pap in and get to the Postseason.

Hol’ up.

The Orioles tied it. Okay, Papelbon, get it together. There was a man on 2nd and there was a lazy pop-fly to 4 time All-Star outfielder, Carl Crawford. The ball kept dropping and dropping and Crawford attempted a sliding catch at the last second. He missed it but saved the ball from flying away from him. But the man on 2nd Nolan Reimold scored for the walk-off win.

Ok…? go Yankees?

We still had a chance. Take one look at the score and you (Josh Beckett) could crack open another beer with your buddy Jon or John, to celebrate a playoff berth. (Sox fans, you got the reference).

Hol’ up.

An epic comeback, of sorts, was mounting. The Rays posted an exactly six run inning in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game with the Yankees.

(For the record: I called Eva(n) Longoria’s 3-run shot.)

Then we had a standoff for three more innings. And he walked to the plate. Yes, Evan Longoria came up, yet again. And he might as well have called his homerun. We all knew there was one option for that at-bat. It was going out and the Rays were going to the playoffs.

‘Pour some out for ones’ homies.’

Josh and the boys probably shotgunned some beers to wash away the “pain.”

And that ended the Red Sox 2011 season, leaving a skunky taste in your mouth.

Fast Forward to now, June 26th, 2012.


Ok, it might not look good but come on, they have had a lot of injuries to their key starters. Elsbury and Crawford to name a few. They have a lot of stuff on their plate, not to mention most of the team playing for a new manager, and then being battered by the media.

One emerging player is Will Middlebrooks, a rookie. He has forced a fan favorite in Kevin Youkilis out of a job and now, out of town. He is a light that we should watch toward because he could eventually be the face of the franchise.

Okay, that was a little bit far-fetched, what with Dustin Pedroia and Clay Buchholz being and becoming dominant in this league. Still, Will is great. I think he looks like a professional already.

But this team cannot even match the 2004 team (none can or will as far as I see it) and then the 2007 team while they battled back from 3-1 down, they were just another team.

This team, however, is beginning to get some character. They are becoming closer together, and have almost taken on a us against the world mentality. Especially seeing as the media and fans are on their back day in and day out.

An interesting thing about this team wouldn’t be their money buying their success (for the most part) because many of the team’s players are home grown.

Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Jacoby Elsbury*, Will Middlebrooks, Daniel Nava, Ryan Kalish, and who knows, maybe even Jose Iglesias?

The others aside from Gonzalez have not been as productive as those mentioned above.

So although the Sox have become more than a nation of idiots, and bought a lot of “talent” (Dice-k, John Lackey, Carl Crawford) their homegrown boys are getting it done.

I like the band of rookies we have, who seem to follow Cody Ross around in the dugout. I like David Ortiz, the last member of ’04, and the Grande Papi of the team looking out for everyone in the clubhouse. I like Dustin Pedroia and his recent emergence from battling an injured thumb, he will be our captain soon enough. I like that Adrian Gonzalez has his position back, I expect him to start killing the ball soon. I like Aviles and his swag. I like Jerrod Saltalamacchia, the assassin, who seems to hit a homerun right when we need him to.

I am even starting to like the pitching staff. Clearly I think Buchholz is good, and I hope he can continue it. Dubront is becoming a strong lefty starter for us. And hey, Jon and Josh have something to prove, come august and september they’ll be at top form and I’m sure a New York series will be on tap by then and who knows our aces could take on their’s and then we have a rivalry renewed.

Just a thought.

And then there’s the bullpen. Eh… good luck there Bobby V. Andrew Miller should be a horse from the ‘pen. And with Alfredo Aceves doing well, we can just wait for Andrew Bailey to get back to form, and maybe even Daniel Bard can get back to 100 mph?

I expect them to be in great shape come the trade deadline. There’s no reason they  shouldn’t make the playoffs this year.

(Unless the big bad Orioles get to us again.)

The world is against them and the two things that this team has in common with the ’04 team are David Ortiz and my belief.

I believe the Red Sox will win the World Series. I like this team.



The One Where I write weird


So If you haven’t read this before I’d stop now. 

But if you are continuing to read this you are interested or have indeed read this before. 

I think my writing is a bit hard to follow if you haven’t seen it before. 

I don’t edit it. 

I let everything flow out and just run on until I get bored or find a good stopping point. 

I definitely shouldn’t do any of that. 

Unfortunately, for you, I do. I just let my thoughts carry my writing in this and see what happens. 

Sometimes I’ll have one thing in mind and try to work to that point but when I get there another thought is in the way, and by the time I get past the second idea I’ve lost my first thought. 

I guess that’s actually ADD, huh?

I never really outgrew it I guess. 

Did you know that my mom tested me for ADD/ADHD when I was 9 but never told me I had it?


I only just found out last year too. I had to write my senior essay and my mom was like, “you should write about how, even though you struggled in school, you overcame that and your ADD…”

I was like, “WHAT the fuck are you talking about? I’ve had ADD?” 

She thought it was a simple misunderstanding between me and her but, how the hell is that a misunderstanding?!?

“Hey, you have ADD.” It’s not that hard to say! It certainly would’ve helped explain the bad grades and the shiftiness in classes, not being able to focus and sit still. 

I mean then I would’ve been able to fight past the ADD and struggles. Instead I just thought that I was slow or something. But no, I medically can’t focus. 

Whatever, painful memories being brought up I guess. ADD and ADHD are made up diseases anyway. It’s called being a kid, and being bored in school. 

Oh well I guess I have a knack for finding out information about myself, later than I should. 


The One Where…. Hey!


Sorry for not writing the past few days I’m sure that a few of you will be pleased to read this again. 

Like I said, a few… a small few. Probably not yourself as you read this. 

This time I’ll be writing about summer. 


There’s no doubt that summer is ranked up pretty high in nearly everyone’s favorite seasons list. I mean I can say is that it is no one’s least favorite. 

You get long days and late nights, filled with adventures and escapades. You wake up a little earlier to enjoy the weather, you stay up later to look at the stars. You hit the beach and let your mind wash away like each wave that crashes onto the sand. 

What part of summer isn’t fun? 


Pah, just suck it up and hope you don’t get a disease. 


Just rip the little buggers off before you get a disease. 


C’mon, either put on sunscreen or put up with it. 


Okay, there. Everyone out about in their cars is sucky about summer. But there’s a brightside! As long as you’re with friends you can make it fun, in a car that’s stuck in summer traffic, you only need two people to have fun. Trust me on this, last summer was eye-opening to that.

(You know what I’m talking about “bus-buddy”)

And that’s getting the places you want to go. Once you get there, wherever it may be, you’ll have mountains of fun!

I know I love to hike, kayak, and fish and enjoy a few beers with dad, that’s always fun. Plus a campfire to zone out to is a great method for falling asleep. 

Going to the beach; you can sit in the sun and read or listen to music. Or you can bring some activity, “wanna toss some disc, brah?” or simply swim and have fun in the water. Body surfing is great and I’ve had the most fun doing that for hours on end. Even in the chilly Atlantic ocean of New England that’s fun. 

I can have fun at the beach almost any way possible, I mean I can babe watch, and (not at the same time) walk on the beach with a girl, just as friends or more, its a relaxing thing to do.

Unless its crowded. 

For me there’s sports going on at my house every day. We play soccer, football, baseball, (our made up game gatball (a mix of rugby, football, basketball, hockey and soccer) that someday I’ll write about)). Pretty much all day until the sun goes down. And then when it does it’s time for a good old fashioned bonfire, or a movie. 

Also for me, as you might’ve might not have read about, is making movies. Just dumb stuff that we make in one or two days, then I edit that night. It’s really a lot of fun!

Oh then you get a rainy day…

Big deal! Movies, are your answer! No I don’t mean downloading it on your computer, you troll. I mean getting out there and enjoying an American past time of going to a movie. Just go to the movies buy a huge bag of popcorn and some sody-pop, and then watch a movie to pass the time. It doesn’t have to be a good movie either! Just go for the experience. Pretty soon when we are all like in Wall-E we won’t have movie theaters…

Just saying….

Anyway, get off this computer, smart-phone, iPad, iPod, Nook, Kindle, smartbook… whatever device you’re on and go enjoy the summer!

Wait… what am I doing here? Writing this to you?

I’m gonna go stir up trouble.


PS: Ding-dong ditching the neighbors! 

The One Where 90’s Music Is Great


So for the past like hour I’ve been on Pandora just listening to 90’s summer hits. 

And its great!

I’ve gotten tracks from Iris, to Jumper, artists from Hootie and the Blowfish, to Oasis. I haven’t skipped a song yet. 

And it got me wondering….

What are kids today going to think of music they heard while growing up? (like I did with those mentioned above)

Are kids really going to be like, “Club Can’t Handle Me is such a classic!” 

I mean that might not be the best example, however, I think you follow my point. I don’t know whether its that I grew up listening to good music or that these songs are the songs I always heard? 

And if its the latter, the kids of today are going to have bad taste in music when the future comes.

Yes, I listen to the techno-hibbity-bobbity-boopity (Bill Cosby Voice) and can enjoy it (mainly in the car to bump to or to rage at at a party) 

But I doubt I’m going to listen to these songs in like 5-10 years and say, “Oh! Turn it up, this is a classic!” 

****Exception: Call Me Maybe

You get my point, we 90’s kids and older had the best TV, the better music and the absolute best internet speeds. New Century kids are a bunch of snot nosed, electronically-attached, nonindependent, group of kids that are going to take over the country someday. 

I mean just look at this kid:



The One That’s Tic-Tac-Toe!!!


Yeah three in a row! Top that!

… but don’t because you probably already have by the time I finish this blog… 

I’ve been thinking that I want to travel abroad for college soon. I don’t know when or where exactly but I want to go overseas. 

Maybe I’ll go to Ireland where I’ll learn to drink with the pros, live like the Irish and try to get par on one course over there. Of course, I’ll have to kiss the Blarney Stone for luck and chase down leprechauns late at night after a long day of whiskey drinking. Maybe I’ll fall for a beautiful green-eyed red headed girl over there. Of course I’d leave her, and head to the Motherland. 

God Save the Queen! 

I’d visit England where I’d try my hand at making the Queen’s Guards move. Maybe a feint to the crumpets would make them flinch. I would definitely watch a socc… excuse me.. football match. I’d get into it and see what those hooligans are made of.

Arsenal All the Way!!! 

I’d have tea and biscuits with the rest of the country in the afternoons. I’d find Diagon Alley and try my hand at wizardry. I’d run into every platform just to make sure that there isn’t Hogwarts… And if there is, well I’d attend there and play Quidditch only just to “rip the air a new one.” 

Of course, if i was at Hogwarts I’d be in Scotland. And if I was in Scotland I’d take it upon myself to find the “myth” that is Nessie. And I’d find that beast and be showered with scotch because that is currency over there. 

From there, I’d visit Norway and Sweden and stop in Stockholm. Of course there I’d get Stockholm Syndrom and be deported. But I’d still find my way to Poland. Where there, I would learn the true meaning of depression. Because honestly they’ve had it rough. But nonetheless I’d eat dumplings and pirogis and stuff myself full to brace for the frigid winter. 

I’d leave that country and go to Germany where I’d be a belligerent American and be loud and proud about WWI and WWII. However, the natives would soon accept me and we’d celebrate Oktoberfest having das boot upon das boot until it was my time to move on.

From there you can only imagine that I’d visit the Netherlands and I probably wouldn’t remember it. However I would know that I laughed a lot, ate a lot, and slept a lot during my visit there. 

I would need to recover and spend a while in Belgium where I’d be fed chocolate and waffles as if I was a king. But I’d probably just be at the American Embassy. 

I’d depart from Belgium and continue my belligerence in France, I’d mock them for their cowardness and spit in their general direction (Mont Python reference people, just a reference). I’m sure I’d be lured by the “nude” in nude beach and unfortunately end up seeing tons of bushes. 

And then I’d flee to Spain. Where a Spanish woman would make me feel all better. I’d find out that her hips don’t lie and that they like it spicy. I’d run from the bulls and find Spanish cuisine. Once again I’d find my way to a futbol match and root for the only team… sorry… club there is to root for, BARCELONA! Of course I’d be in Madrid and get chased out of the country.

And end up in France again. 

I’d be hesitant to be there but I’d dine on escargot, begets and champagne.

I would have to leave so I wouldn’t outlast my stay.

And then I’d be in Italy!

I’d have the finest pastas, breads and wines, I’d be treated like the don until the don wanted his seat back. I won’t give it up and end up in the canals of Venice, and then I’d be running from the mafia. I’d get lucky and smash their boat in between two others. I’d get away and flee through the country again. Picking up the sexy Italian women, if I could. 

I’d end up in the Swiss Alps and ski down them the best I could… so not very well… I’d get rich at the banks and fly back home. 

I no nothing about Europe and I wouldn’t act that way entirely. I do want to experience the true European lifestyle one day. Or at least visit to live it up.

Bottom line is I want to explore. And you should too. Get out there. I mean you only live once so don’t regret anything. 




The One Where– Wha!? Two Days in a Row?


Yes I am actually writing in this again. 

It’ll be a quick one though. I’ve been writing a lot tonight. 

No unfortunately not on my book/movie idea, the zombie one. 

I’ll get to that another time. 

But right now I am writing a love story…. Kind of. It doesn’t end the way it’s supposed to, it ends the correct way though. 

This one I’m writing is the truth, the real deal, what actually happens. 

About half the time everything ends sour. And that’s what I’m writing about.

I’m sick of (although I enjoy them) romantic comedies, so unrealistic. The back and forth that ends up happening where the girl falls in love or is already in love and the guy is too stubborn to realize it until he messes it up. That’s unrealistic. 

At least in all of my experiences. I could honestly go on and on about this subject, however, I don’t want to offend one of my tens of readers. But this movie idea will be big. If I get it out there and can direct it. (Unlikely) It’ll be the go to movie when you are feeling sad and want to feel better about yourself. 

Thanks for reading! 


The One Where… I Guess I’m A Liar…


Sorry guys… 

If you read this I’ve continuously told you that I’d write in this more and more and more. 

It’s been at least four times that I have said so. 


I will be writing in here as much as possible in the least hipster way possible! 

Because I hate hipsters, hate them… 

But I will admit, I am about 1/4 hipster… I can’t help it. I don’t know what part of me is hipster but I am part hipster. 

Hipster, hipster, hipster.

Sound funny yet? 

Now look at your wall.

Picture a hipster.

Now look back to me.

Look at your girlfriend. 

Now back to me, keep reading this because now I’m on a horse. 

Look at that, now you’re reading this in the old spice guys’ voice. 

Now back to hipsters.

I can’t understand them… they bring not trying to a whole new level, yet they try so hard not to try at their lives. 

They try to have matching, yet unmatching clothes at the same time. They try so hard not to put effort in photographs… excuse me.. Instagrams. I’m tired and can’t think.

Hipsters… Weirdos…