The One Where I’ve Been Busy


I know I haven’t posted in a while. I actually have been wicked busy this time. The last few times I took breaks were because of concerts and day drinking, so basically college. 

But I’ve been working at an internship and at the restaurant still so I have been relatively busy to keep writing my book and in this. 

I probably should try to write in this more so more people will see this, and then in turn my book. Which I’m about to work on. 

I hope everyone who’s read it has liked it so far!? I don’t like to proofread and go back on stuff and especially because of this I just kind of finish and then send it to you (here). I will definitely have to edit and add stuff if I want it published.

However, as it is now I don’t think it’ll be quite long enough. (That’s what she said…) 

But it’s not nearly over…. the book that is; you sick twisted people hahaha <— is that acceptable in today’s society, adding a laugh track for sarcasm? 

Well it better be! 

Anyway, I have a lot more to add in my book and trust me, it will get intense. I hope you haven’t realized the ending yet. I need to throw some curveballs in there for you and me.

So enough about me.

Celtics/Heat series starting to *ahem* heat up. Second game Rajon had a little Magic in him but still couldn’t beat the Heat.

And if for some absurd reason you have read this and watched game 2, you probably know how mad I am about that blatant foul on Rondo that cost the game. He went up for a lay-up and gets swatted down by Dwyane Wade, almost knocking Rajon out. Everyone in New England (excluding f-ing Connecticut) was cheering because we expected a call and go ahead free throws. 

But wait!

Haslem just dunked it instead. 

(Now going into my head while watching this unfold):

What!? NO FUCKING CALL?!?! Bullshit! 

Ok we’ll just tie it then. 

Huh? Wade has the ball? Good we got a charge on h– Defensive foul on KG?! Nuh-uh! Wade f-ing kicked him to score the point! Aaaaand he makes the free throw…. goodnight!

(Back to semi-normal reading)

Fast forward to tonight, game three (because I lost my train of thought while tweeting). An all around effort from the entire team. It was a solid win. 

The Celtics need to be prepared for an onslaught on sunday because you know D-wade is pissed about his performance, and LeBron is going to be at his best because he has seen the Celtics pass him so many times and he knows that he can beat us. He and Wade are both throwing down 35+ sunday and the celtics have no answer. They just need to stop everyone else and hope for the calls to go their way. 

*cough* fixed *cough* Donagy *cough*

The reffing is a completely different issue that I will probably address after next game… depending on the calls.

I realize I have written a lot and I doubt that you even read all this way.

If you did, congrats! Because you made it to the end!




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