The One Where… I Guess I’m A Liar…


Sorry guys… 

If you read this I’ve continuously told you that I’d write in this more and more and more. 

It’s been at least four times that I have said so. 


I will be writing in here as much as possible in the least hipster way possible! 

Because I hate hipsters, hate them… 

But I will admit, I am about 1/4 hipster… I can’t help it. I don’t know what part of me is hipster but I am part hipster. 

Hipster, hipster, hipster.

Sound funny yet? 

Now look at your wall.

Picture a hipster.

Now look back to me.

Look at your girlfriend. 

Now back to me, keep reading this because now I’m on a horse. 

Look at that, now you’re reading this in the old spice guys’ voice. 

Now back to hipsters.

I can’t understand them… they bring not trying to a whole new level, yet they try so hard not to try at their lives. 

They try to have matching, yet unmatching clothes at the same time. They try so hard not to put effort in photographs… excuse me.. Instagrams. I’m tired and can’t think.

Hipsters… Weirdos…



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