The One Where– Wha!? Two Days in a Row?


Yes I am actually writing in this again. 

It’ll be a quick one though. I’ve been writing a lot tonight. 

No unfortunately not on my book/movie idea, the zombie one. 

I’ll get to that another time. 

But right now I am writing a love story…. Kind of. It doesn’t end the way it’s supposed to, it ends the correct way though. 

This one I’m writing is the truth, the real deal, what actually happens. 

About half the time everything ends sour. And that’s what I’m writing about.

I’m sick of (although I enjoy them) romantic comedies, so unrealistic. The back and forth that ends up happening where the girl falls in love or is already in love and the guy is too stubborn to realize it until he messes it up. That’s unrealistic. 

At least in all of my experiences. I could honestly go on and on about this subject, however, I don’t want to offend one of my tens of readers. But this movie idea will be big. If I get it out there and can direct it. (Unlikely) It’ll be the go to movie when you are feeling sad and want to feel better about yourself. 

Thanks for reading! 



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