The One That’s Tic-Tac-Toe!!!


Yeah three in a row! Top that!

… but don’t because you probably already have by the time I finish this blog… 

I’ve been thinking that I want to travel abroad for college soon. I don’t know when or where exactly but I want to go overseas. 

Maybe I’ll go to Ireland where I’ll learn to drink with the pros, live like the Irish and try to get par on one course over there. Of course, I’ll have to kiss the Blarney Stone for luck and chase down leprechauns late at night after a long day of whiskey drinking. Maybe I’ll fall for a beautiful green-eyed red headed girl over there. Of course I’d leave her, and head to the Motherland. 

God Save the Queen! 

I’d visit England where I’d try my hand at making the Queen’s Guards move. Maybe a feint to the crumpets would make them flinch. I would definitely watch a socc… excuse me.. football match. I’d get into it and see what those hooligans are made of.

Arsenal All the Way!!! 

I’d have tea and biscuits with the rest of the country in the afternoons. I’d find Diagon Alley and try my hand at wizardry. I’d run into every platform just to make sure that there isn’t Hogwarts… And if there is, well I’d attend there and play Quidditch only just to “rip the air a new one.” 

Of course, if i was at Hogwarts I’d be in Scotland. And if I was in Scotland I’d take it upon myself to find the “myth” that is Nessie. And I’d find that beast and be showered with scotch because that is currency over there. 

From there, I’d visit Norway and Sweden and stop in Stockholm. Of course there I’d get Stockholm Syndrom and be deported. But I’d still find my way to Poland. Where there, I would learn the true meaning of depression. Because honestly they’ve had it rough. But nonetheless I’d eat dumplings and pirogis and stuff myself full to brace for the frigid winter. 

I’d leave that country and go to Germany where I’d be a belligerent American and be loud and proud about WWI and WWII. However, the natives would soon accept me and we’d celebrate Oktoberfest having das boot upon das boot until it was my time to move on.

From there you can only imagine that I’d visit the Netherlands and I probably wouldn’t remember it. However I would know that I laughed a lot, ate a lot, and slept a lot during my visit there. 

I would need to recover and spend a while in Belgium where I’d be fed chocolate and waffles as if I was a king. But I’d probably just be at the American Embassy. 

I’d depart from Belgium and continue my belligerence in France, I’d mock them for their cowardness and spit in their general direction (Mont Python reference people, just a reference). I’m sure I’d be lured by the “nude” in nude beach and unfortunately end up seeing tons of bushes. 

And then I’d flee to Spain. Where a Spanish woman would make me feel all better. I’d find out that her hips don’t lie and that they like it spicy. I’d run from the bulls and find Spanish cuisine. Once again I’d find my way to a futbol match and root for the only team… sorry… club there is to root for, BARCELONA! Of course I’d be in Madrid and get chased out of the country.

And end up in France again. 

I’d be hesitant to be there but I’d dine on escargot, begets and champagne.

I would have to leave so I wouldn’t outlast my stay.

And then I’d be in Italy!

I’d have the finest pastas, breads and wines, I’d be treated like the don until the don wanted his seat back. I won’t give it up and end up in the canals of Venice, and then I’d be running from the mafia. I’d get lucky and smash their boat in between two others. I’d get away and flee through the country again. Picking up the sexy Italian women, if I could. 

I’d end up in the Swiss Alps and ski down them the best I could… so not very well… I’d get rich at the banks and fly back home. 

I no nothing about Europe and I wouldn’t act that way entirely. I do want to experience the true European lifestyle one day. Or at least visit to live it up.

Bottom line is I want to explore. And you should too. Get out there. I mean you only live once so don’t regret anything. 





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