The One Where 90’s Music Is Great


So for the past like hour I’ve been on Pandora just listening to 90’s summer hits. 

And its great!

I’ve gotten tracks from Iris, to Jumper, artists from Hootie and the Blowfish, to Oasis. I haven’t skipped a song yet. 

And it got me wondering….

What are kids today going to think of music they heard while growing up? (like I did with those mentioned above)

Are kids really going to be like, “Club Can’t Handle Me is such a classic!” 

I mean that might not be the best example, however, I think you follow my point. I don’t know whether its that I grew up listening to good music or that these songs are the songs I always heard? 

And if its the latter, the kids of today are going to have bad taste in music when the future comes.

Yes, I listen to the techno-hibbity-bobbity-boopity (Bill Cosby Voice) and can enjoy it (mainly in the car to bump to or to rage at at a party) 

But I doubt I’m going to listen to these songs in like 5-10 years and say, “Oh! Turn it up, this is a classic!” 

****Exception: Call Me Maybe

You get my point, we 90’s kids and older had the best TV, the better music and the absolute best internet speeds. New Century kids are a bunch of snot nosed, electronically-attached, nonindependent, group of kids that are going to take over the country someday. 

I mean just look at this kid:




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