The One Where…. Hey!


Sorry for not writing the past few days I’m sure that a few of you will be pleased to read this again. 

Like I said, a few… a small few. Probably not yourself as you read this. 

This time I’ll be writing about summer. 


There’s no doubt that summer is ranked up pretty high in nearly everyone’s favorite seasons list. I mean I can say is that it is no one’s least favorite. 

You get long days and late nights, filled with adventures and escapades. You wake up a little earlier to enjoy the weather, you stay up later to look at the stars. You hit the beach and let your mind wash away like each wave that crashes onto the sand. 

What part of summer isn’t fun? 


Pah, just suck it up and hope you don’t get a disease. 


Just rip the little buggers off before you get a disease. 


C’mon, either put on sunscreen or put up with it. 


Okay, there. Everyone out about in their cars is sucky about summer. But there’s a brightside! As long as you’re with friends you can make it fun, in a car that’s stuck in summer traffic, you only need two people to have fun. Trust me on this, last summer was eye-opening to that.

(You know what I’m talking about “bus-buddy”)

And that’s getting the places you want to go. Once you get there, wherever it may be, you’ll have mountains of fun!

I know I love to hike, kayak, and fish and enjoy a few beers with dad, that’s always fun. Plus a campfire to zone out to is a great method for falling asleep. 

Going to the beach; you can sit in the sun and read or listen to music. Or you can bring some activity, “wanna toss some disc, brah?” or simply swim and have fun in the water. Body surfing is great and I’ve had the most fun doing that for hours on end. Even in the chilly Atlantic ocean of New England that’s fun. 

I can have fun at the beach almost any way possible, I mean I can babe watch, and (not at the same time) walk on the beach with a girl, just as friends or more, its a relaxing thing to do.

Unless its crowded. 

For me there’s sports going on at my house every day. We play soccer, football, baseball, (our made up game gatball (a mix of rugby, football, basketball, hockey and soccer) that someday I’ll write about)). Pretty much all day until the sun goes down. And then when it does it’s time for a good old fashioned bonfire, or a movie. 

Also for me, as you might’ve might not have read about, is making movies. Just dumb stuff that we make in one or two days, then I edit that night. It’s really a lot of fun!

Oh then you get a rainy day…

Big deal! Movies, are your answer! No I don’t mean downloading it on your computer, you troll. I mean getting out there and enjoying an American past time of going to a movie. Just go to the movies buy a huge bag of popcorn and some sody-pop, and then watch a movie to pass the time. It doesn’t have to be a good movie either! Just go for the experience. Pretty soon when we are all like in Wall-E we won’t have movie theaters…

Just saying….

Anyway, get off this computer, smart-phone, iPad, iPod, Nook, Kindle, smartbook… whatever device you’re on and go enjoy the summer!

Wait… what am I doing here? Writing this to you?

I’m gonna go stir up trouble.


PS: Ding-dong ditching the neighbors! 


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