The One Where I write weird


So If you haven’t read this before I’d stop now. 

But if you are continuing to read this you are interested or have indeed read this before. 

I think my writing is a bit hard to follow if you haven’t seen it before. 

I don’t edit it. 

I let everything flow out and just run on until I get bored or find a good stopping point. 

I definitely shouldn’t do any of that. 

Unfortunately, for you, I do. I just let my thoughts carry my writing in this and see what happens. 

Sometimes I’ll have one thing in mind and try to work to that point but when I get there another thought is in the way, and by the time I get past the second idea I’ve lost my first thought. 

I guess that’s actually ADD, huh?

I never really outgrew it I guess. 

Did you know that my mom tested me for ADD/ADHD when I was 9 but never told me I had it?


I only just found out last year too. I had to write my senior essay and my mom was like, “you should write about how, even though you struggled in school, you overcame that and your ADD…”

I was like, “WHAT the fuck are you talking about? I’ve had ADD?” 

She thought it was a simple misunderstanding between me and her but, how the hell is that a misunderstanding?!?

“Hey, you have ADD.” It’s not that hard to say! It certainly would’ve helped explain the bad grades and the shiftiness in classes, not being able to focus and sit still. 

I mean then I would’ve been able to fight past the ADD and struggles. Instead I just thought that I was slow or something. But no, I medically can’t focus. 

Whatever, painful memories being brought up I guess. ADD and ADHD are made up diseases anyway. It’s called being a kid, and being bored in school. 

Oh well I guess I have a knack for finding out information about myself, later than I should. 



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