The One Where: That’s It?!


The trade deadline has gone and past again. This year with many speculations in the Nation, the Red Sox did little to impress. Although, a non-move might impress all of us.

The non-move being Morales, who did wonders in the rotation when he got starts, he may be back there soon enough now that the Sox got a lefty arm.






That should be the starting rotation for the rest of the year, of course, Dice-K could comeback….!

But the most disappointing move in all of baseball was the Lars Anderson trade, we got back a guy who is never going to make it out of double-A. Anderson is going to be like Justin Morneau, so who’s the winner of that trade?

I mean he had no future in Boston, at least not after Gonzo came to town, and now that Middlebrooks is good we can’t transition him to the other corner. Anderson needed to be traded, but for someone of an equal caliber, not some ancient (exaggerated) knuckle-baller who won’t make the major league roster even for the Astros (example).

I am fine now with the no-Beckett or Lester trade. I have hope for these guys, I think that they will battle all year and when it counts most, they’ll come through for us.

I am very disappointed that we did not move Mike Aviles, I mean who would want him? But we had Pedro, Punto and Iglesias and I wouldn’t have had a problem with Pedro and Jose [Iglesias] splitting time at SS and 9th in the order. It would’ve been good to get Iglesias up and ready for a taste of the big leagues. Plus Pedroia would’ve taken him under his wing and shielded him from the ‘toxic’ clubhouse.

In the end, I am glad that there’s a chance Morales can “complete” the rotation, but honestly, they could’ve done more.


Not to mention no move of Kelly Shoppach….


The One Where: Get the Duck Boats Ready!


Unless the Patriots lose 2 of these three players; Gronkowski, Brady, or Wilfork, then they won’t win the Super Bowl.

However, if they are all healthy and somewhat productive, then I can’t think of a team who could beat them. The 49ers might be the closest to that.

Yes, I’m putting them in the Super Bowl already.

No not the Giants, they didn’t have the pleasure of facing a healthy Gronk. If they had, we’re talking a whole different situation then.

Even if TB12 gets hurt and Gronkowski is healthy, we have enough pieces to make it to the top.

I don’t have much to say except that if they lose this year, without injuries then they would be the biggest sporting upset since September 2011…


The One Where: Its Obviously Batman


I see that you’re reading this… Well I can’t see you but you must be reading this.

Anyway, it’s Friday which means, its movie of the week time!

If you don’t know what movie I’m covering you might be insane.

Its The Dark Knight Rises.



Just kidding, I’m not signing off yet, but that’s what it was, simply epic. Well done Chris Nolan, well done indeed.

I can’t give anything away but Bane, simply badass and a great way to follow up the Joker, he should get nominated for something at least. No one can top the villain Heath Ledger played, but damn Tom Hardy did every thing he could to be close to Ledger’s performance.

I thought Anne Hathaway would ruin the movie, and while she didn’t ruin it per say, she didn’t wow me. She was an average catwoman at best, and honestly they could’ve used a tighter actress, guys you should agree!

Christian Bale did his usual best as Batman and Bruce Wayne. So not much else to be said that hasn’t been.

Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine played their characters very well as usual.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, are you Batman or Robin?

I hope he’s a kick-ass Robin in a “sequel” or spin off.

Not Adam West’s sidekick Robin, but a new hope for Gotham, a different hero that can combat against the evil it likes to spawn.


For serious this time. Also I should note that I never read the comics, however I did watch the Adam West Batman when I was 3.

The One Where: Trade for Bobby Ryan!


To start off let me say, David Krejci is one of my favorite players on the Bruins, he is a top 5 favorite. But I want him out of here.


Because of one Bobby Ryan. He is the same age as David Krejci, and more productive. Ryan would be on the top line for this team, he would fit right alongside with Patrice Bergeron, and Horton.

Ryan is allegedly upset with the way the Ducks have treated him, and he wants to be traded. The Bruins have the depth to be able to fill in for whoever (albeit, Bergeron, Seguin, Rask, Chara or Hamilton) they would trade away.

As much as I like David Krejci, I am getting sick of how streaky he is. Its one thing that he played great in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the same amount of games when he usually goes on a streak. Which showed how important he was to the Bruins.


Its time to move on from him, Seguin, usually listed as a center is ready to take on more responsibility. If we get Ryan, move Seguin to a third line center position and have Peverley be a back up wing there, so he can well, back up Seguin if he can’t get the faceoff percent we want. Have Caron or Paille be the other winger.

Second line, Kelly as the center, Lucic and Marchand on the wings, and let that line pester the opposition for 20+ mins a night.

First, well, it would be dangerous, Bergeron, the reigning Selke winner. Then Horton, a man determined to get back to form. Add Ryan, and good luck to almost any line on the ice opposing them.

Just a thought.


We need a scorer now that Nash is in New York.

The One Where: Rondo or Westbrook?


So as of now, I’m thinking that the Rondo for Westbrook deal is way over.

Rondo has the Celtics all to himself now. He still may need to answer to KG and Pierce, but he has the team at his disposal.

Westbrook is becoming white noise in the Thunder organization. Yes, he can burst out for points at any and all times but if Harden continues then he won’t be needed.

Rondo has young players to pass to, Jeff Green can hopefully come back to his potential form. Courtney Lee has proven himself elsewhere around the league, but can he play with Rondo’s personality? Avery Bradley will hopefully return healthy and ready to continue where he left off. And he has some rookies with BIG potential. A solid low-post player in Jarred Sullinger. And a possible huge man in Fab Melo (If he can’t get alley-oops from Rondo, then he’s a bust).

Westbrook has other stars all around him, Durant, Ibaka, Harden. He’s a point guard so he’s supposed distribute to other players, not be selfish. Plus, Durant could score a lot more if he had a passer like Rondo.

Before this off season (save game 2, yeah (44 points) that game 2), I would have traded Rondo for Westbrook before you could finish typing his name.

Now, I’ll take Rondo over the Olympian.


The One Where: I’ll Give It A Week…


How ’bout them… sox…?

Ugh, jeez I don’t want to write them off because I’m not Dan Shaughnessy, (because he’s a respected writer and I’m a no one “blogger”, and from what I’ve heard, is ready to write them off before they step on the field).

I want to have hope they can turn it around. But I’m giving it a week. They need to go out and win 5 in a row. No options on it. Plus they’ll be playing against top notch teams. If they get going against good teams, look out world!

But If they don’t turn it around, I want a fire sale at the deadline. I mean, Beckett gone, Lester gone, Crawford gone, Sweeney gone, Nava gone. And, FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST: KELLY ‘FRIGGIN” SHOPPACH GONE!

Sell them all for a minor leaguer or two each, and maybe try a Lester for Garza, and a Beckett for Josh Johnson trade? Just cut the tumor out of the team. Its bringing us all down.

I’m sick of Valentine too, get rid of him now, call the season done and start building it up now and that way there can be good vibes leaving the season, and then coming into next year.

Start from your real BASEBALL players, Pedroia, Gonzo, Els, Middlebrooks, Salty, Buchholz, Dubrontosaurus, and bring up Iglesias and Lavarnway. Play out the season and see where it goes.

I get it that we are trying to hold on to the hopes that we can turn it around, but come on! We’re in LAST place… behind the (dare I say it?) Blue Jays… The season’s a lost cause Ben [Cherington]. Sell and get some young guys or pitching now and then see where your team can go, because clearly the club right now can’t win for their lives.

But that’s in a week, for now just play some real baseball guys.


Although, if we trade Lester and Beckett, they’ll do great wherever they go except the AL West, but if they are traded to the NL… expect outrage in Boston.

The One Where: Defense is Coming


I might have mentioned in an earlier post about the Pats but I’ll reiterate; they are building the team around defense.

My point being that the defense is looking up from the dismal hole it was in the past two years. The Patriots are making their defense get better each year and with a really young defense that can only be good. If you’re like me and think that Brady/Belichick era is over in 3 years; then you might also notice that the defense is going to be in their primes when the “Evil Empire” is disbanded.

In three years time the Patriots defense will be in the top 10 in the league. With several shut down corners and bad ass linebackers and an intimidating d-line.

All of our secondary is young. And all were very productive in college, and are learning in the pros for now, eventually they will be feared.

Our linebackers are actually going to be scary from the starting MLB to our subs. Our OLBs are going to harass every QB and his tight end; they’ll have to play against the most dynamic in the league, not to mention a stud like Jake Ballard (thanks New York!). Linebackers, aside from Jimmy Graham won’t get past the Pats.

And then the line the D-Line is going to match up against the Giants’ line in a few years. They’ll clog every hole, bat down any pass and stuff every rusher. They will be dominant.

I expect big things from them, in a few years. When Tom Brady is gone we will rely on the 31st ranked defense in 2011; and I don’t see much turnover from that team.

Kickoff is soon.