The One Where I try to get my act together… again…


I’m just not gonna apologize this time because I keep letting you down… So it’s just gonna be the same old thing…


I am thinking I’ll develop a weekly run down thing Kinda… Take a look:

Sunday: Short Story or My Movie/Book Idea

Monday: Patriots Talk

Tuesday: Red Sox Talk

Wednesday: Celtics Talk

Thursday: Bruins Talk

Friday: Movie of the Week

Saturday: (Optional)


That being said, it’s thursday! Bruins Day!

These Bruins aren’t going to get back to the Finals this year. Of course that depends on the play of the defense. 

“The Defense!?” You might ask. And yes this year I am a little bit worried at our team’s defense. They are all older than they were last year, clearly. 

They are older and that means they are slower. And if the forwards can’t score then the defense will be put on a spotlight and at times I expect them to fold under the pressure, we don’t have Tim Thomas anymore and who knows how well Tuukka and Khudobin can handle the load without father time helping us out. 

Bringing me to the goalies. They are going to be good, however, can Tuukka Rask be the #1? I hope he can. Has he really grown up though? A few years back he threw a tantrum in Providence when Manny Fernandez was our back up. 

Rask freaked out breaking his goalie stick on the posts of his goal, if I’m remembering correctly. Are we going to see that when he loses in a shootout or in overtime? 

I don’t think so, but again the defense might be suspect this year. Yes, Chara and Seidenberg have been lights out since 2011 playoffs. And yes, Boychuk and McQuaid are coming into their own, but can all four of them hold down the blue line again? 

The pressure is not on them now, but it will be. 

Right now, the pressure is on the offense. Mainly on Seguin, Krejci and Lucic, in my opinion.

Seguin, for obvious reasons: Can he live up to the potential? Can he effectively pass and play defense? Can he grow into a star?

We need him to score 40+ goals and get near a 90+ points. We need his offense to hide the rest of it. I think he’ll have a slump this year. 

Krejci may be traded  by the deadline, again, in my opinion. I like him, he seems to be a superstar when he is on his game. But when he’s not…. well, the Bruins are capable of blowing a 3-0 lead in a 7 game series and 3-0 lead in a game (If my memory stands correctly(also Rask’s fault?)). I hope he can be on for at least 75 percent of the season. 

Now Milan Lucic… great player when he’s on, when he’s tuned in, when he’s fighting. When he’s not, oh boy is he not… He looks lost and confused at time’s when his game is not on. We can’t blame him though. We can only blame ourselves. We are the ones who labeled him the next Cam Neely. 

Maybe he’s not? Maybe he’s not ready to be either? He’s 25 now so we should give him time. 

We should also be excited for the season to start up soon because its gonna be a good one. 



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