The One Where I might give away the point of Ted. (Sorry)


First off: Ray Allen… Fuck you sir.

Secondly it’s Friday, so movie of the week.


I watched a plethora of movies and shows this week but after seeing Ted I have to say, it took the cake.

Ted, is a teddy bear that came to life for a young Marc Wahlberg. Seth McFarlane voiced Ted and it was a hilarious combo, his Peter Griffin voice in a fuzzy bear’s body, it made you smile every time you heard it.

Mila Kunis played the girlfriend that Wahlberg falls for, who also makes him try to get rid of Ted.

She was honestly the most annoying character in the movie. Sorry, she just was. And something about that movie made me unattracted to her. She was just winy all movie and then just wasn’t as good looking as she usually is.

I don’t know.

But the plot was very good. There was a creepy dude who idolized Ted and had this fat child who was just as weird as his father. They took Ted and sparked a comeback and a renewed friendship and relationship.

The creator of Family Guy and American Dad, just leapfrogged past animation and put himself as one hell of a writer for feature length films now.



I’ll get better at writing movie reviews and opinions… just bear with me… no pun intended.


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