The One Where: Look Out NFL!


Patriots Monday today!

I think that the Patriots are going to go 14-2 this year, and win the Super Bowl.

Now, I think nearly everybody thinks this is their team’s year. But not every team has Tom Brady.

Ok, I know some of my friends might be annoyed with the Tom Brady, this, Tom Brady that, that is going to follow.

But bear with me, and believe me; this year’s Tom Brady may be the most determined Brady we’ve ever seen. Here’s why; a second Super Bowl loss, that has got to irk him more than the first one. A better receiving core, a shock because last year’s was phenomenal. This year however, they have a deeper threat, a determined Wes Welker, and two tight-ends he’ll know how to use.

Oh, not to mention people think he’s getting old.

This Super Bowl loss can’t compare to the previous one, but if we were to meet the Giants again… Belichick would raise hell and beat them down. There’s no way they could cover Welker, Hernandez, Lloyd and Gronkowski! If they do then they should go down as the best defense ever to be in the league.

Our offense this year should be outstanding. However, the Red Sox were supposed to be good too…

So barring any injuries, I see the Patriots winning it.



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