The One Where: Kansas City Killed The All-Star Game


I’m gonna go ahead and say that this was the worst All-Star break I have ever seen.

It was. Now, it had so much promise too, in Kansas City in our heartland, America’s heartland; with a beautiful ballpark and plenty of stars there to fill it. Although the number of Orioles players out-counted the Sox players, there was a lot of talent there, young talent.

But the fans ruined it.

What was supposed to be another touching story between the Canos, was destroyed by the relentless fans.

Chill out…

He didn’t specifically ignore Billy Butler… who is just an average ball player. Look at his stats and compare them to most others in the league and you’ll see he’s not good enough to be in the home run derby. Kansas City, we get it you haven’t seen baseball talent on your team since George Brett in the 80’s.

(Which is why he’s all over the TV lately).

And you boo a player during what’s meant for the fans, and players to have fun. Just a simple home run derby where the players can act like kids and their kids can watch their dad’s be heroes.

But not in Kansas City. Booed right off the field. You can’t say that Cano (Who is on the Yankees, which means his an enemy for me) is that bad. Yeah, right field isn’t 290 feet away so he can’t bomb a pop fly for a home run.

Note* : [ If the Red Sox don’t sign Ortiz soon, he’ll probably be headed to New York.]

But he is still a great hitter, and no one expects to be booed at a home run derby, so that’s definitely the reason he didn’t hit a single one out. It’s unforgivable for the fans to do that. I don’t remember the last All-Star game at Fenway, but I don’t think even we’d boo him.

It’s a disgrace to baseball what happened.

And even at the game Cano got booed. It also seemed like the fans there turned on the AL team after the first inning as well…

Maybe it’s just me but Kansas City killed the fun for nearly everybody.



Gronkowski killed it at a celebrity Home Run Derby. Gronk!





2 thoughts on “The One Where: Kansas City Killed The All-Star Game

  1. Stagger X says:

    I find that the all-star game has been dead for a long time. Hard to find much meaning in it nowadays.

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